Is Telemarketing still a viable option?

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When it comes to marketing, people will always find a way to impress us with their creativity. From sending cookies with product-promo cards attached to your doorstep, to flying planes that will paint the sky with the name of their service, it’s safe to say that they always manage to find a way. And you can’t blame them either. We live in a world where marketing is extremely important if you want to succeed in pretty much everything.

In today’s modern world, almost all of the marketing is done by social media and other digital forms of contacting other people and potential customers. However, some just prefer to keep it old-school and stick to some older and unique methods, such as telemarketing. Today we’re talking about telemarketing and if it is still viable as a marketing option in 2019.

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What does Telemarketing mean?

It’s nothing really complicated really, telemarketing is a way of contacting potential customers and letting them know about your service or business offer, by phone. In the past, this was a really effective way of spreading the word, however, in today’s world, most people might see it as harassment. We’re just so used to digital and virtual communication that our home-phone rarely even rings anymore. This might be a good and a bad thing at the same time. We’ll explain why a bit later. There are many things you need to know about Telemarketing before getting involved in JobPhoning or anything else of that nature. There’s a bigger philosophy in this marketing method besides calling someone and simply reading a script in a robot manner. Let’s take a look.

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How to make Telemarketing efficient

Like we mentioned earlier, people are just so used to communicating via social media and texting that some of them even forgot the feeling of a good old phone call. There is a reason why we said this might be a good and a bad thing at the same time. Here’s why.

We live in a world where people are very busy and therefore value their time a lot. If you haven’t noticed already, most of the ads that appear on Instagram or Facebook are just people trying to get your attention as quickly as possible in the first two seconds of the video, because they know you will just close the ad if they take any longer than that. However, this might apply more to newer generations than the older ones. Although what we just said is really true, there are also some people that still respect the phone call method a lot. Those people will value the time and effort you put into making a solid conversation with them and talking about your product. But, you need to remember that your call should be planned, structured and well organized in order to leave a good impression. Be ready to answer all the possible questions that your potential customer may ask and always be as friendly as possible. If you leave the impression that you’re just trying to recite the entire script and close the call as soon as possible, you will never be able to score a new buyer. Instead, make them feel like you really care for them and explain everything that might be causing a slight confusion about your service or product. You should not get discouraged if some people immediately slam the phone on you, that stuff happens regularly. Those that will stay until the end will really value your time and effort, and might buy what you’re trying to sell.

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