How To Choose The Right Diamond

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Diamonds are precious shiny rocks that usually cost tons of money but look really beautiful. And solely because of this reason, when it comes to buying diamonds, it is really important to make the right decision. There are many diamonds that you can choose from and finding the right one for you can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help you. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about how you can choose the “right” diamond for your need.

Identifying the diamond’s shape

Your first step will be to address the shape that is desired by the person that you are buying it for. If you are not sure what they want, you should go with a round of a princess cut. Can’t go wrong with those.

What is the carat minimum?

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If the person mentioned that they want a one-carat diamond and that’s what they’re expecting, it doesn’t matter what else you get. Even if you end up getting a beautiful half carat stone, they might feel disappointed. This goes the other way around as well.

When you identify the shape and the minimum carat weight you should start with the list of four C’s. We explained what this list is in our previous article about diamonds so if you haven’t read that we definitely think you should. You need to start by lowering the clarity and going as low as possible until reaching your budget limit.

Then, you should continue with the second C of the list, which is the color. Start lowering the color until you get in your budget range but also end up with a nice looking diamond.

Finally, lower the third C’ which is the cut. Keep lowering just until you’re in the desired budget range. If you do every step of this list and you still end up outside of your budget range, you can cut on the carat weight. Experts from Abelini Jewellery say that a weight difference of just ten percent will not be visible with just the naked eye, but will cut down some of the prices. This is a pretty smart tip when you need to get in your budget range.

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People that are not experts in diamonds are most often only concerned about the shape and do not care about the other factors such as clarity and cut. If it looks okay on their hand or neck, they will be satisfied.

When it comes to cut grading, you should be careful because some sellers make their unofficial lists. The cut grade is the most important factor when it comes to the overall appearance that your diamond will have. That is because if a diamond is poorly cut, it will appear “dull” even when the color and clarity grade is on point. If you want your diamond to have superior brilliance, you should choose one that has a cut grade of “very good” or “excellent” when it comes to round diamonds and “Good” or better when it comes to fancy shaped diamonds.

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