How to remove pet hair from clothes, furniture, and carpets

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It can be quite frustrating when hair from our loved pets end up on our clothes, carpets, furniture, and upholstery. There are various ways that you can remove the pet hair, some of the easiest ways are to involve the use of moisture, gripping surface, or static attraction. So, here is a list of ways of how you can stop the never-ending battle with pet fur:

1. Start with your pet – start with combating excessive shedding. Healthy animals will shed anyway, but a regular brushing should help. You can go to your groomer for advice on how to reduce shedding if it gets difficult to manage.

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2. Choose pet-friendly fabrics – some fabrics gather more pet hair than others and on some, they are more visible. You should try avoiding anything with a nap, materials such as velvet, velour, and loose knits, which all attract unwanted hair. On the other hand, natural fabrics, like cotton and wool will attract hair more than synthetics. However, synthetics can attract hair as well, due to static, and this can make it even more difficult to remove. Hair will easily slip off leather, sating, and other shiny materials, so if you are looking for materials that are easy to maintain, these would be the best choice.

3. Use a vacuum – vacuuming your sofa, clothes, and carpets regularly with this appliance. Once vacuumed, spray it with an anti-static spray and brush it ours with a lint roller. If you are looking for a strong and powerful vacuum to help you battle pet hair, you can check out Dog Struggles, best-rated vacuums for pet hair in 2019.

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4. Use the dryer – for clothes that can be washed or for sheets that are covered with pet hair, run it through the dryer for a few minutes (on cool), before you put it in the washing machine. The drum action will loosen a lot of the hair and pull it into the filter. Do not forget to clean the filter after it is done.

5. Use rubber gloves – one of the best ways to clean pet hair from furniture is to use wet rubber gloves and brush them over the surface of the fabric. The static that they create and the textured surface of the glove works perfectly when removing hair. If you want to clean the gloves so that you could use them again, simply soak them in hot water and watch the hair float away.

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6. Use a sticky lint roller – always keep one close. For a quick hair removal session before going out, it is best and the easiest to use a roller. Simply run it through your outfit and you are good to go.


You should consider preventive measures. You could place your clothes in an isolated area where your dog cannot get to them, or groom your dog regularly in order to reduce the amount of loose hair. One more thing you could do to prevent hair build up is to vacuum carpets and furniture regularly and wash the rugs and bedsheets that your pets have contact with.

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