In Bed With … Cristiano Ronaldo

Wendy Stokesby:


Born: February 5, 1985 in Madeira, Portugal
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Leo
Mercury: Aquarius
Venus: Aries
Mars: Aries

Love Style:

Cristiano is not a man to mess with when he has his eye on a prize. He is a competitor through and through and loves with a passion that is hard to match. However, just when one thinks they have met their prince charming in him, as he dazzles them with charisma and pulls out all the stops in wooing his objects of affection, he can suddenly turn aloof. Yes, the chase is the best part of the game for him and he does it like a true athlete: relentless and driven. Since he has strong fire elements ruling him, he can’t help but give into his ego and impulses. However, he also does make for a fabulous companion and when not all about the love, can be just a fun guy to play around with — making it hard to decipher a direction. He can come on fast and burn out just as quickly, paying no regard to consequences and even can treat his lovers poorly. He’ll still expect to remain friends and won’t necessarily know why they might refuse.

Sex Style:

While the wining and dining part of a love tryst with Cristiano is sure to be of fairy tale proportions, once you get him into the sack, he might have a tendency to be a one minute man, as he’s got a fast way about him that can be a hit or miss in the boudoir. Yes, he is passionate and strong. However, patience isn’t necessarily part of the package. Not to say he’s always going to go the premature route, but if you don’t get it done as fast as him, you might be out of luck. However, if you can bring in lots of energy and know how to choreograph the events to your liking and keep him on the leash, that is when you’ll get the best of his love potential. Although, dominating him to get him to be your sex slave might not be so easy, but certainly lots of fun. He’s the perfect guy for girls that like to be on top.

His Type:

A lady that will capture Cristiano’s heart must be a true class act, as he’s the boy that does care what others think and must be with someone that can boost his status in some way, by way of their own fame or by their extreme hotness. Once she gets past this part of his needs, the rest is all about old fashion love. While the companionship part of a relationship is pertinent, that person has to be someone that can put up with his demanding ways, and his sporadic periods of aloofness. No, not the easiest person to be with on a very intimate level, but if she can understand that he is very ego driven and be able to stand up to him, it might work. While a woman that isn’t afraid to speak her mind and have power over him is ideal, chances are he’ll go the easier route and stick to a more conservative lady that is all about serving him, worshiping him and being a wife in a more 1950’s retro style.

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