In The Stars: What Saturn In Scorpio Means For Your Sign

Wendy Stokesby:


Any scrap of innocence left in this world is going to get decimated and forgotten, then redefined. Yes, life as you know it will be a thing of the past, as slowly fate will move you towards something that is more intense, has much more depth and passion, but is somewhat of an unwilling passage you must make over the next three years. It will have you crawling through the trenches, digging through the murk, the lies, the demons, the inertia and the rest of all those unknowable factors that will then pop you out on December 23, 2014, as the finest individual you can be.
Saturn is no joke, as its lessons stick to the bones, and in Scorpio, it’s at its utmost extreme, causing excruciating pain that will reveal who you really are, where you belong and who you should be close with. In other words, it’s do or die time. As for the areas, per sign, that will be hardest hit per sign…

Aries: Your perseverance.
Taurus: Your fairness.
Gemini: Your logic.
Cancer: Your ego.
Leo: Your stability.
Virgo: Your community.
Libra: Your resources.
Scorpio: Your humility.
Sagittarius: Your karma.
Capricorn: Your generosity.
Aquarius: Your purpose.
Pisces: Your spirituality.

Note, if you were born 11/29/1982 – 11/16/1985, you are about to begin your Saturn Return, so click on the link and read up on why this time is way more intense for you than anyone else. Also, Scorpios will also be hit hard by this transit, as having Saturn in your Sun or Rising will throw you into a Saturn Return-like phase. So, get ready to be thrown, blown, run over, scraped off and glued back together over the next three years.

This piece was originally published on Kiki T’s blog.

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