Instagram Video Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

Wendy Stokesby:


Instagram is famous for photos. It was the market entry strategy, and it is a huge success. No doubt about this; however, the developers are adopting a new market strategy, and you need to jump in to make the most out of the new features.

Introduction of videos on the social media platform has revolutionized the social media industry. Of course, photos are still a major aspect of Instagram, but the visual magic is now extending to videos. As usual, the quality is not compromised.

You can easily share videos on your newsfeed or through direct messaging. It can also be part of your stories. The videos can be live or any interesting videos you wish to share with friends. If you are on the social media platform for business, there is an opportunity for you to advertise widely and make the most out of the social media audience. Visual campaigns have significantly increased conversion rate on the social media platform.

It is important for you to familiarize with this new Instagram feature to advertise and engage in more fun with your online friends. It is more interesting and easy to share experiences while on vacation in real time over the Instagram video stories. While it has a social significance, videos is a marketing strategy.

Types of Instagram Videos

The excitement with posting videos of Instagram can only become a reality if you post the right of videos. Not any video will do the marketing magic on social media. Creating videos can be easy, but it is about communicating with clients; addressing specific client needs and objectives should be a guiding principle in creating Instagram videos.

1. Branding videos

In this case, you focus on introducing your product or service. It targets cold audiences because they have no idea of the product. Of course, you must have done extensive research to come up with a viable target audience for your products. The product must be relevant to attract their attention. Branding videos are about awareness of the features and functions of a product. While sales are the end goal in all marketing strategies, the videos are not focused on hard sale but information. Make sure the audience is convinced of the relevance of the product before you make a sales pitch.


2. Product videos

These videos focus on one or two products. This does not mean you are only producing two products; you can create multiple product videos for exclusive descriptions. Find out the needs of consumers in the market. After establishing that they need your kind of product, go for specific features and characteristics they find interesting and focus on these in your video. Be sure the features highlighted in your videos match the content of the product otherwise, you will disappoint consumers and ruin your reputation.

3. Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos are more like product videos, but these videos focus on “how to use.” The videos are commonly used for technical products that require some kind of skill to operate. Do not spend time and other resources on creating tutorial videos if your product is simple and self-explanatory. While the videos mention specific features of a product, this is not the focus. Users should watch the video and be convinced it is easy to use; it should also be relevant after purchase. Use simple and specific language to avoid confusing users with technical terms. The primary objective of tutorial videos is selling value; users should understand the function of the product and relevance in individual lives.

The videos are more effective if the product is out of innovation hence new. Target audience needs to familiarize with the features and how it is relevant in their lives.


4. Educational videos

The marketing strategy here is different; you should not mention anything about your product in an educational video. The goal here is selling information to potential customers. They should find the videos reliable and informative for their needs and follow you to consult for suitable products in the specific field. You should focus on building a relationship with the audience and establishing credibility. The content should be about details of the industry and how it benefits the society; this is all consumers need to know before they can consider any product.

5. Live videos

The few people who are already familiar with video marketing are using the feature to the maximum. Live videos attract the attention of users active on the platform at that time. It sends a notification to all of your followers to check on your story. If you are in this for business, you can engage each of the potential customers in a question and answer setting about your services and products. Make sure you are interesting enough to keep the conversations going. Also, strive to be objective in your videos to achieve marketing goals.


Remember, Instagram is a social media platform. Therefore, even if you are signing up specifically for business, you should be interesting to attract consumers. No one will be bothered if your posts are exclusively promotional with no hooks. The primary goal of joining the platform is posting and sharing interesting visuals. Note the word interesting. In fact, you should occasionally post unrelated videos on your page to buy Instagram views.

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