Tips On Naturally Tightening Your Vagina

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The vagina is almost equally important to women and men. One side has to take good care of it, and keep it healthy, while the other enjoys it. Still, same as with almost anything there are multiple medical conditions that can occur considering vagina’s health. And among all one of the conditions that women are not happy with is a loose or a flaccid vagina. Now, though some women simply inherit a flaccid vagina, it is a rare case, and most times it happens due to the influence of certain factors. Some of the most common reasons for a loose vagina is aging, weight, menopause, etc.

A loose vagina can in terms lead to lower libido, and a woman might not be as confident as she once was. Saying this, it is really important to address this condition and try to fix it. Now, though there is a surgical option, it isn’t as recommended, and the best way would be to try and do it naturally.

Let’s take a look at why do flaccid vaginas occur in the first place, and we will give you this guide to tightening your vagina!

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The Causes Of A Loose Vagina

1. Though giving birth is one of the most beautiful things there is it comes at a price. And one of the most common consequences is a loose vagina. It is simple, during childbirth, the region between vagina and anus becomes wider (perineum), and as the vaginal muscles contract multiple times in a short span of time, it can result in a loose vagina.

2. Along with that, believe it or not, frequent sexual activity can cause a loose vagina. Whether it is solo masturbation or sex with your partner, the vagina expands during it, and harsh penetration might in terms be a reason for flaccid and loose vagina as well.

3. Last but not least gaining or losing weight fast can be a cause for a loose vagina as well. The elasticity changes of your whole body changes and thus your vagina can suffer as well.


How To Naturally Cope With A Loose Vagina

1. First and foremost when it comes to tightening your vagina is the Kegel exercise. And to be honest, these do work better than anything and are a way to dismiss the surgical intervention idea in the first place. The whole idea is to practice and contact the groin muscles multiple times in a short span of time and do that few times a day. You can also try and stop urinating in the middle of the process using the same muscles.

2. One of the most popular ways of tightening a vagina nowadays is with the use of a vaginal cone (putting weights at the end). It looks like a tampon, and you should hold it in for a few minutes before putting it out. Do this few times a day, increasing the resistance as you progress.

3. Apparently leg ups are a good way to strengthen your vagina once again. Lie straight on your back and gradually raise left then right of keeping them straight and tense. Do this for a couple of minutes, and return to the exercise a few times a day.

4. Though certain websites and experts offer the use of various natural remedies and plants to solve this problem, you shouldn’t try out too much, and out of all, we think that using aloe vera is the only 100% safe option. You can use the aloe vera gel and rub it on the inner and outer parts of a flaccid vagina. The healing remedies of this plant should affect and tighten the walls in the long term.

5. Last but not least think about changing your diet. Eating more of the estrogen-rich food might help. Include pomegranate, soy-products, flaxseed, chickpeas, certain nuts as well as various vegetables and fruits!



No woman likes having a loose vagina, and among the fact that it isn’t healthy it doesn’t look or feel good either. Thus, the first step is to immediately address and accept the problem. Once that is done, be patient and invest time in the above-offered methods and believe us the results are sure to come!

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