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It wasn’t a long time ago, and we can remember how the world looked like before the smartphone age, all the things left in the past for a new purpose, to have a better and more functional life, to keep the pace with this quick way of living. There are different ways of speaking and thinking about social media, the first negative and the second less mentioned positives sides of the topic. The first reaction to something new, innovative is, of course, negative because of the fear of the unknown in the new and the nature of habit. But the second thing, reaction if you want to call it like that, is the one which we are going to speak about and they are the positive effects of the matter in hand.

Growing up now has a big plus in the world full of new ideas and ways to express them. From the youngest age children are now educated to apply their knowledge which leaves them for space to grow and mature into the right persons for life in front of them. It is a school that you are enrolled in from the day you learn to write and speak. Socialization is inevitable, and the children start to develop an understanding of diversity, to form and to take an opinion and stand by it, to build empathy and compassion at the same time.

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For the teenagers this has come as the most significant help they can get from anyone at their age. Through the positive effects of social media, teens have a voice of their own, a position where they can see who they are now, who they want to be and how to progress in the right direction. They are not limited by anything, style of living, place of birth or upbringing. With all of the tools by their side, they will quickly find their place in the system, or they will let society into their world. This is their age.

Students have used the fact that they can now study online, receive video notes and participate in debates leaving their opinion for everyone to see, agree or disagree. This is a massive step for students because they are starting to see how their words and doings can have an impact on the world around them. It has improved the process of maturing and self-awareness.

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Employees found new jobs in the social media sector of business, they are now educated to implement their ideas with that in mind. Pensioners are now thought by their grandchildren how to find friends who they have not seen or heard for decades, how to use new technologies to their benefit.

Taking in consideration, all the pluses of social media positive effects, it can easily be seen how they have helped us and to what extent they have made it easier for us to function in this time in the modern world. In every way, they have improved our style of life and left us with more time for our families and us, and with much more understanding of the world, we live in.

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