Is Tom Cruise Going to Spend the Holidays with his Daughter Suri?

Wendy Stokesby:


Many tabloids are saying that Tom Cruise will be spending the holidays with his daughter Suri. But unfortunately, that is not true.

Cruise hasn’t had any contact with his, now 12-year-old daughter, Suri. Some tabloids are saying that Suri is missing her dad very much and that the two of them will be spending this Christmas together.

But why do Tom and Suri have this kind of relationship? Many say that it is because of Scientology. Everyone knows that both Katie Holmes, Tom’s ex-wife and him, were a part of this religious group. But when they divorced in 2012, Katie left the controversial religious group.

Tabloids claim that their anonymous source told them that Holmes and Cruise are planning a reunion for Tom and Suri. The source also said that they will meet at a country estate, where they will have time and privacy to catch up, exchange presents and just enjoy.

But the truth is that nothing is changed, and Cruise is not trying to reunite with his daughter. And this information was confirmed by Holmes’ spokesperson.


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