Jennifer Aniston Talked About George Clooney And His Role As A Dad

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Jennifer Aniston was on Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday and opened up about her friend George Clooney being a father.

George Clooney’s been the most wanted bachelor for years, and then he met his beautiful wife Amal Clooney, nee Alamuddin. His life changed completely when they got twins, Alexander and Ella.

Jennifer visited them while she was filming her new film Murder Mystery in Lake Como, Italy, which is also a residence of Clooney family.

Ellen asked her: “Is it weird to see him with children now?”

“It’s amazing to see him with children. That’s what we talked about that anything can happen,” she said.

Jennifer has a great affection for the Clooney family, but when asked about the age of the children, she smiled.

“I don’t know. Maybe a little over a year?” she answered and she was almost right. The children are about a year and a half.

She also discussed her friendship with Ellen, her upcoming 50th birthday and talked about her new Adam Sandler film.





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