George Clooney False Bomb Reports

Bojana Dujkovicby:


George Clooney is was recently connected through reports to bombing attacks by the Cesar Sayoc, but they are all false.

It was reported that the actor is “living in fear” after “back-to-back bomb scares” that hit him twice both in his USA and Italy home. George and Amal are now afraid and desperate to protect their twins, Alexander and Ell, yet all it was only a pure coincidence.

The article said the bomber sent Clooney a mail bomb like those that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Robert De Niro got, but also that Sayoc went even further attacking actor’s Italian residence. It was written that “explosives were found near their mansion on Italy’s Lake Como.” The truth is the bomb was an unexploded explosive that dated from World War II, which happened to be in a lake near Clooney’s house, but it was removed in April 2010, eight years ago. Still, that didn’t stop false reports to make a shocking story out of it.

Many false reports surfaced about Clooney including how he and his wife Amal hired nine nannies for their twins, and also that it was Clooney who reunited Jennifer and Brad after they secretly met at his house in Italy and are inseparable since. These are all lies as there is nothing to prove the reality of what is said.


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