Joanne the Scammer turns “Get Out of My Caucasian House” into welcome mat merch



Joanne the Scammer is turning one of her iconic catchphrases into merchandize. In her signature blonde wig and faux fur, Joanne announces the “Get Out of My Caucasian House” welcome mats in a new video. And don’t say Joanne is only here for the fame. Her caucasian heart is donating 50 percent of the profits to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

In the short video, Joanne oversees the sweatshop with her scammer grin. She gives a thumbs up and high-fives to let the workers know she is pleased, but they secretly despise her. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Joanne video without dramatic classical music serving as the background soundtrack. “It’s glamorous, I promise,” she says.

From quick cell phone videos, to Twitter fame to red carpets, to merch, Joanne is trying to be a very rich bitch. May as well capitalize off the Twitter popularity while she has it. Your ICONIC welcome mat can be purchased here for $50 with free shipping. According to the website, this is a limited run offer. The mats are 18″ x 30″ and made in the USA.

Don’t knock the hustle.

Original by Bené Viera

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