Jockey Wants To Simplify The Bra-Fitting Process By Adding 55 New Sizes

Wendy Stokesby:


Thanks to some very intimate prodding and squeezing by a Nordstrom lingerie specialist, I know my bra size is 36F, although sometimes 38E might be a better choice, and then there’s that one brand in which a 34D is the only size that works, and another which will barely contain my breasts even if I venture into the G cups. Don’t even get me started on how I have two bras of the exact same size, style, and brand, and one of them fits perfectly while the other’s underwire cuts into my armpit like a slow, ineffectual assassin. The moral of this story? Bra sizes are a ridiculous, confusing mess. After eight years of research, Jockey has announced a new solution: 55 new bra sizes. Say whaaaat?

Here’s how the Jockey plan works. You pay $20 for a “Fit Kit,” which includes 10 boob-shaped plastic cups, measuring tape, and instructions. You use the cups to figure out the basic shape of your breasts, which, combined with your bust measurement, will give you your brand new bra size (example: 3/36). Once you’ve determined your size, you order your $60 Jockey Bra which is guaranteed to fit perfectly, or you get your money back. It might seem a bit pricey, but as my mom always said, when it comes to a good bra, you should spare no expense. The question is, does this fit system actually work? Jockey’s website is overflowing with testimonials from women who claim this bra changed their life (no, literally, that’s exactly what one review says), but I’m still a bit skeptical. Will these at-home fit kits be able to replace trained lingerie specialists? Is a Jockey bra — even one that fits perfectly — worth the same price as a high-end designer bra?


So, will you try Jockey’s new fit system? I’m curious enough (not to mention always desperate to find a truly comfortable bra) that I might have to give it a try. If I do, I’ll definitely post a review, so stay tuned. [NY Times]

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