Weird and Hilarious Webcams around the World

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When it comes to face to face communications, a webcam provides you with a user-friendly and simple-to-use chatting platform. Nowadays, there is more to enjoy from the video cameras. Other than having the chance to chat with people you know and strangers, you are able to stream live videos that will leave you giggling like a crazy person. Most webcams are hilarious but we also have a few of them that have weird live content.

Here are our top 9 recommendations:

  • Swimming Sea Otters

After a tiring and frustrating day at work, you deserve to laugh the frustration out. This is what this webcam assures you. It allows you to watch adorable sea otters at the beautiful Vancouver Aquarium. You are able to witness them swimming around as they hold hands like humans. You can also watch jellyfish and penguins live.

  1. Garden Bubble

Garden Bubble is one of the most interesting webcams today. When you are low-spirited and in need of some cheer, you just need to connect to the webcam. It allows you to watch a live explosive bubble action. The way that the bubbles shoot is just insane. It’s basically what you need to laugh your heart out this Christmas.

  1. Streaming Liberty

If you are an old admirer of the Statue of Liberty, this is the webcam to use. It has simple controls which allow you to view the statue up close. You can take a narrow as well as a wide-angle view so as to view what’s happening around the statue. You can also take some screenshots.

  • Real Life Cam

Real Life Cams are just the real thing when looking to catch up with some of the funniest and most weird families in the world. Consenting individuals usually allow you to watch what happens in their lives 24 hours. So, if you have the time to catch up with some heretical couples, you should consider this webcam. From watching drunks make a fool out of themselves to playing the spy, you get everything here.

  1. Watching Grass Grow

How would you feel to watch grass growing live? Weird, right? Well, this is the kind of experience that you get from this video camera. The webcam idea was created by a Colorado man (Mr. Grass) who was so eager to watch his lawn recover from a serious drought. If you are lucky enough, you may get the chance to watch Mr. Grass in the action.

  1. Cat Cam

Do you love playing with cats? Whenever you feel like having fun with one, just use this webcam. It gives you access to interactive tools that you can use to engage a cat in a fun activity live. In addition, the webcam allows you to watch live videos of weird cats around the globe on their daily exploits.

  1. Microscopic Life

Are you a lover of nature? Do you like discovering things that are not obvious to the naked eye? Well, you don’t need a microscope here—just this webcam! Microscopic Life allows you to see the weirdest aquatic life. Basically, you’ll see lifeforms that you never knew existed.

  1. Nessie Watch

There are so many versions when it comes to explaining the Loch Ness Monster. Some argue that it’s just a wind-swept sea ripple effect. Others claim that’s an issue of a few diplodocus beasts passing over the sea. So as not to speculate, Nessie Watch gives the actual live experience of the unfolding. You just have to fix your eyes on the webcam.

The Wrap

The next time you want to learn something weird or to just laugh after a dispirited day, consider the above webcams. The video content that you access through them is incredible. You’ll love every moment that you view the video cameras.

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