Logan ‘Lucky’ Ford – An Inspiration To Us All

Wendy Stokesby:


Now, the times we are living in aren’t the most satisfying and a daily routine can get pretty tough especially if we include the 9 to 5 job and everything that we come across on regular basis. And while things know to get pretty stressful there is one thing that you should always invest in and that is self-care. If you would ask us the best method for self-care is traveling. It is a beautiful hobby that allows you to meet new cultures, people, and experience things that you will gladly resemble many years after. And now you don’t need much money either – with the proper trip organization and the right mindset you will get to travel the world without going broke.

Along with that, one of the best things you can do is to try and combine your job with traveling. If your job requires that you are constantly on the move, or you are a freelance writer you have got it all figured out and you can find at least few hours each day to enjoy the atmosphere. And Logan Lucky Ford knows it the best. He is a rising Instagram star and a model that has been in the business for a few years now and has already developed his unique style. With over 10k followers and weekly posts, Logan threatens to become one of the most recognized models in the near future.

Why Should Logan Be An Inspiration For Us All

Well for one simple reason – this guy wakes up every morning and asks himself where should Lucky be going next? It is that simple. He lives the life to its fullest and enjoys the present moment instead of resembling on the past or dreaming about far distant future. And due to the fact that he is slowly but surely growing as a model, he gets to travel even more then what he usually would. He is the perfect example of how you can do what you love and have enough free time to enjoy it with the ones you love. Apart from modeling, Logan Lucky Ford has been one few film sets as well and has gained his popularity by cooperating with Jason Emer, a well-known doctor who mostly has celebrity clients.

He is a young man coming from Alabama, but currently, he resides in Los Angeles, California. His best friend is his Pomeranian and there is no travel trip that he goes on without taking his dog. Lucky is a huge pet lover and does everything to contribute and raise awareness about stray dogs and the importance of love and care that we should get them. Last but not least, Logan Lucky Ford has been a part of numerous campaigns that have a goal of spreading awareness on recycling and environment-friendly habits such as leather-free dressing trends, etc.


Logan Lucky Ford is a great young man and someone who constantly tries to spread a positive message about how we should enjoy every present moment and second of the life we live, and don’t let prejudices and irrelevant stressful situations get to us. He has a great modeling career ahead of him, due to the fact that his style and looks are quite unique, and we do wish him all the best!

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  1. Avatar genelia says:

    Hey Wendy, nicely written and described I must say. Logan has developed some good habits, and the best part is his best friend is his dog. Awesome. This is some good inspiration and how to avoid humane manipulation from these habits. Certainly, its gonna add more productivity in your life. loved the post. Keep up the good work.

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