Mariah Carey Threw A Themed Party With Guests Dressed As Her, Because Of Course



There are few current celebrities who have exhibited the same amount of blatant self-love (or narcissism) as Mariah Carey, and honestly, when it comes to Mariah’s absurd and theatrical displays I’m here for it. Unless of course, she’s actively treating her staff like shit, which is now handled by her new conniving manager. In the latest of the glorious gifts she bestowed on the world, Mariah Carey threw a Mariah Carey themed party at an Italian Villa. Yes, you heard that right — the theme of the 46-year-old pop star’s party was nothing other than herself.

The meta soiree was hosted at the lavish 18th-century Villa Napoleon that was provided cost-free, compliments of AirBnB. Certainly not one to half-commit to a theme, Mariah Carey required all 40 guests of her self-themed party come dressed as their own interpretation of her, including the men. Naturally the singer herself still needed to stand out in her own glowing glory, so she hosted the party clad in a black wig as her alter-ego Bianca.

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Ladies and gentlemen… #Bianca 😘😘😘

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I wonder if her alter-ego Bianca also has adorable twins, or if she’s more of a roaming child-free woman with a penchant for vodka.

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#Bianca returns 😘😘😘

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Sadly for those of us who are wildly curious about how well the VIP guest list pulled off various Mariah looks, the pictures and full documentation of the party won’t be released until the airing of Carey’s upcoming reality show. I’m hoping this means her reality show will spur even more meta party themes and outlandish gags for audiences to consume. Seriously though, can you imagine being in a room full of 40 Mariah Careys? Can a human heart even handle that much torturous beauty?

Unsurprisingly, the villa itself wasn’t lacking in ostentatious amenities as it provided a whopping 11 fountains on the premise. The wide-eyed optimist in me really hopes Carey got an assistant to dress up a fountain as her, or at least paste some sort of shrine-like photo dedication.

The villa also provided a bell tower, where I like to imagine that one lonely guest was banished after they realized they didn’t get the themed memo. But hey, if you’re going to find yourself weeping alone in a bell tower it might as well be because you failed as Mariah Carey, right?!

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