Men, Here are 6 Ways To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Danielle Grangerby:


Okay, boys. Here’s the deal: it’s time. We love stealing your old t-shirts for ourselves but listen up–just because you can fit into your college jeans doesn’t mean you should. It’s time to update your closet, and we’ve made it easy for you. Are you notoriously pushing your clothing to their limits (or beyond…)? Well, your wardrobe matters. What you present to the world is important. Reinventing (or finding!) yourself through clothing and style is kind of a big deal–our clothes are how we are portrayed to others, and often the first impression that we give.

So how does one go about piecing together a cohesive look that says a little about who we are on the inside? From underwear to outerwear, we’ve got the deets on finding fashion choices that make sense for the inner you to shine through. Just don’t get rid of all your t-shirts…we still wanna steal ‘em!


Start with Some New Underwear

Women care just as much as men do about what’s underneath it all, and if you’re wearing old, tattered underwear, it isn’t all that attractive. The most comfortable boxers are made out of natural fibers, are moisture-wicking, and look sexy.

Go for the Basic White T.

A man in a white t-shirt is a man I like, and I’m not alone in this one. Wear it with a classic bomber, or wear it by itself with some Levis. There’s literally no way you can go wrong with a white T. Unless, of course, yours has holes, is ill-fitting, or stained. Update your t-shirt game and you’ve got a basic that will do you no wrong no matter the season or occasion.


Mix it up–Go Vintage

My husband has a few vintage pieces—ties, suspenders, cufflinks, among other small accent pieces—that take an outfit from simple to fashionably understated and timeless. Peruse a local vintage shop for some fun pieces, and don’t be afraid to get something tailored to fit better, which brings us to our next point.

Get to Know Your Tailor

We women especially know that clothing is not a one size fits all—sizes are not uniform, and from one brand to the next, it can be next to impossible to figure out what size you actually need. If the piece is something you like, but the length is off, or if your arms are long and your shoulders too broad (you get the point…), get to a tailor, stat. For a few extra dollars, you’ll have a wardrobe that fits. And that is worth every penny.


Footwear Matters, too

Updating your clothing means you should also revisit your favorite footwear. Spending a little extra money on quality footwear means you’ll have a few classic pieces in your wardrobe that can really pull an outfit together. What to have: everyday sneakers (Converse are always a hit), a low-key leather boot (vintage could be fun here, too…or at least a pair that looks vintage! You can dress them up or down), and a rugged hiking boot should suffice.

Update Your Outerwear

Your final update should be in your outerwear. Aim for a parka, a bomber, and a blazer, this way you have a jacket for every possible occasion, no matter the weather or the season.


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