Nightmares Are Real: 20,000 Bees Chased This Car For Two Days

Wendy Stokesby:


Dude, where’s my car? Oh, there it is, being chased by a swarm of 20,000 bees! Joking aside, this actually happened to someone and that must have been fucking terrifying. According to Metro, around 20,000 bees chased a car for 2 days because their queen got stuck in the car boot. In the bees’ defense, if our Beyoncé got stuck in a car boot, there would be far more than 20,000 people chasing that car for however long it took to get her out of there.

So, how did this happen? More importantly, how can I be sure that this NEVER happens to me? Apparently, they succeeded in removing the queen and her loyal subjects, only for them to immediately return. Metro reports,

“…it took five different beekeepers, park rangers and passers-by to coax them off into a cardboard box, only for the wind to blow it off the car and the queen go back to the silver Mitsubishi Outlander’s boot.”

Excuse me, what? That’s like something out of a Charlie Chaplin slapstick comedy, only way scarier because this actually happened.

“Roger Burns of Pembrokeshire Beekeepers then says the car’s owner returned and drove away with the queen unknowingly trapped in the back, resulting in the swarm taking up the chase – even being spotted on the car’s boot the next day.”

Is this relatively normal behavior? Roger added:

“I have been beekeeping for 30 years and I have never seen a swarm do that. It is natural for them to follow the queen but it is a strange thing to see and quite surprising to have a car followed for two days. It was quite amusing.”

Amusing?! Glad you got a kick out of it, Roger, but if this had been me, I would have had a heart attack probably. I lose my mind when I’m around one bee, I can’t imagine encountering an actual swarm.

Somebody must have gotten stung, right? I mean, obviously this Roger guy did.

“I got about 15 or 20 stings for my trouble. I then left the cardboard box on the roof while we waited for the last few hundred bees to leave the boot but then a gust of wind blew it off and the queen fled back to the boot again.”

I swear this all seems straight out of a movie.

In case you’re not spooked enough already, here’s a clip from Wicker Man of Nicholas Cage being tortured with bees for your viewing displeasure.

Sorry. We can be done now.

Original by Liz Magee

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