Off Road vs. On Road LED Light Bars: What You Need to Know 

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If you are on the market for new lights, you may want to consider switching to LED light bars. For years now, many drivers have seen the benefits of using such a lighting option. Whether you have an off-road vehicle that you mostly drive on terrains or an on-road car that you drive on pavements, LED light bars are useful in both situations.

Your car may have a good light setup but it is a fact of life that it may need replacement simply because it is not doing its job. For many drivers who typically go off the road, they require more assistance, particularly when it comes to visibility.

On the other hand, on-road vehicles may not need as much lighting as off-road but they will still benefit from it. For instance, if you live in a place where the climate is usually harsh, you can use LED light bars to keep driving steadily while on the road. These accessories become a necessity when driving during the rainy or winter season.

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Also, if you work in the emergency service industry, it is best that you have lights that will help you see the road clearly. Adventurers and skilled construction workers will also benefit from such lighting.

Understanding LED Technology

You need topnotch equipment that will help you get extraordinary lights. To get the right equipment, it is essential that you understand the product and how it works. Understanding LED technology is helpful so you can choose the best light bar for your vehicle.

As you may already know, LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The word “diode” denotes that the circuit has two contacts that produce light. If you take a look at this definition, you may think it is quite simple, but that is the beauty of these light bulbs.

LED lights create an electrical charge, which occurs in a small chamber within the enclosure of the bulb. The light particles, which are known as photons, are created when electricity works in the chamber. As a result, you can see the light shining brightly.

The light quality from LEDs is bright, which makes the light bars a much better option than incandescent and fluorescent lights.

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When LED bulbs produce light, you will immediately notice that it is pure in color, particularly if you compare the product with incandescent. LED bulbs can generate colored lights without needing colored plastics.

The bulbs in a LED light are quite tiny and sturdy enough that they can withstand heavy forces. With the almost unbreakable parts, you can count on their lifespan to last several years longer than other bulb types.

Additionally, these LED lights do not produce very little heat, which is why they are typically made of recycled materials.

Why Use LED for Your Vehicle

LED light bulbs are often considered expensive, particularly for homes. However, when used in vehicles, the light bars are quite affordable. You can compare them with other types of bulbs and you will find that they are the most inexpensive ones around.

For your truck, it is best to choose LED light bars because they are not only economical but will also cost less in maintenance than other types out there. LEDs can also resist temperature fluctuations, which are normal especially during travels.

When driving on terrains or bumpy roads, these LED light bars will not receive any damage. They can also resist moisture, so they are indeed perfect for adventurers.

Today, a LED light bar can be controlled in many ways, making them a favorite of those with modern cars. You can use them with different flash patterns and even varying colors. You can outfit a security truck, police car, or low truck with a LED light bar, which will give you great performance.

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Staying Safe with Off-Road LED Light Bars

Off-road lighting is much more demanding than when traveling on the road. Most of the time, you need more than just the lights offered by the car’s manufacturer. A common choice is a halogen off-road lighting, which is typically used in headlights.

Halogens produce bright lights and most owners are satisfied with the intensity. However, the main complaint with such source is that the lights use a lot of battery juice. Plus, they have a bit of a yellow glow, which is not what many drivers want.

Halogen bulbs are also expensive and they do not last for a long time. For this reason, some vehicle operators opt for High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights. HIDs are more efficient and provide a brighter, whiter light than halogens.

HIDs can have their lights traveling father than halogens and even LEDs. However, the problem is that they do not last as long as LEDs. There is also an issue regarding their size, which is why mounting them is restricted to certain vehicles.

LEDs, on the other hand, are cost-effective. They last longer than HIDs and halogens while emitting a bright light. They are also more affordable than the other two options. With the ability to resist jostling, extreme temperatures, and moisture with little battery drain, they are indeed the best for off-road drivers.

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Illuminating the Road Using On-Road LEDs

Off-road vehicles would frequently need to change their factory lights to LEDs for better visibility and seeing their path at night. For on-road vehicles though, it may not be legal. You need to check with your area or state first before adding an intensely bright LED light bar to your SUV or any car that only travels on the pavement.

Light bars on their own normally do not have any issues even with the law. However, there are size limitations that you need to be aware of. The restrictions can be related to the size of your vehicle and your location.

The good news is that laws are frequently much stricter with sounds, such as sirens than lights. When you are a responsible driver and car owner, you should not be worried at all. Once you have confirmed that LED light bars are legal in your area, you can start shopping for the best one for your car.

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