Period Sex: 6 Reasons You Should Definitely Get Down When Aunt Flow Comes To Town

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I like to tell myself that I don’t have many dating dealbreakers. I’m completely open to anyone, quirks and all. That’s always the case when meeting someone that you’ve got an animalistic attraction to and can talk to for hours about nothing and everything. For me, a new relationship is put to the test when first encountering my monthly visitor, which, depending on schedules and timing, can actually be avoided for months into dating. Yes, I’m talking period sex, and yes, sleeping with someone who won’t have sex with me on my period is basically like sleeping with someone who doesn’t perform oral sex — which is like saying you hate fun. Before anyone recoils in a horror, there are reasons why you should definitely have sex on your period.

Let me take a few steps back to provide some insight as to why I need and very much want period sex every single month. I was once repulsed by the idea and that’s saying a lot considering we’re talking about my own blood here. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties I realized that period sex was the ONLY thing enjoyable about my period and some of the best sex can be had while you’re bleeding.

One day, I was lying in the fetal position on the cold bathroom floor of a boyfriend’s apartment, gently sobbing to myself, and my boyfriend was Googling ways to alleviate cramps sans medicine. Much to his extreme elation, having sex was a common cure for the horrific pain I was experiencing. I didn’t need to see the source, I didn’t need to dig any deeper – I was at the point of trying anything and everything having already reached the daily dosage of Advil by 4 p.m. So, I hopped on, I hopped off, and my eternal gratitude for period sex was born.

That’s not just my own psychosomatic relationship between cramps and sex either. According to sources at the Kinsey Confidential, it’s likely the muscle contractions from an orgasm that alleviate the pain from cramps and promote a more euphoric mindset contrary to the hell you may have previously been experiencing pre-sex.

Before you hit the sheets, consider the same methods of protection you would normally. You can still get pregnant during your period and the cervix is more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases during this time, so handle your business, communicate, and protect your life before you get naked. I’m not scared of a little blood, especially my own, but putting a towel down is good way to protect your mattress and keep your sheets from looking like a crime scene. Just sayin’.

If you are looking for more reasons to do the deed while you bleed, here are just a few more to get you and your partner in the mood. Bonus: period sex isn’t just for hetero women – as long as you hit the big O, you can reap all the benefits of having sex on your period. (And if you’re not currently boning anyone, by all means, masturbate away!)

1. It increases the level of intimacy. I’ve had period sex during casual flings and in long-term relationships, but in both cases, the level of intimacy immediately increased just knowing that my partner was comfortable and turned on despite or even because I was menstruating. What, I ask, is more natural than a women’s period? Only sex.

2. It offers the sweet release of sexual frustration during an especially turned on time of the month. I’ll be the first to say it: during my period, I can bump into a wall and have the inexplicable urge to ravage it because that’s how horny I feel. Instead of spending 3-7 days feeling sexually frustrated and totally gross, I’d rather be doing it with my boo and easing the mental misery my period often brings.

3. Hell, it brings more pleasure for all. The first time I summoned my now ex to come have period sex with me, I did the whole “Oh, woe is me, I have my period, I’m so gross” bit and not only did he make it on his bike in record time, but he admitted that period sex was something he enjoyed. Many women and men feel this way because the increased amount of wetness and warmth in the vagina can add to an already satisfying experience for both partners.

4. Duh, say goodbye to cramps. Just to really drive that point home, if you experience cramps that are hard to relieve with painkillers and anti-inflammatory meds, schedule some sexy time. Although this doesn’t work for everyone and some women experience additional discomfort, you’ll never know until you try it. At the very least, you’ll be trying a natural, perfectly safe alternative instead of loading up on pricey medicine. According to sources at Ayushveda, period sex can also lead to shorter periods by helping to expel blood faster than you otherwise would.

5. It boosts your immune system. As if casually bleeding while you’re in an important meeting or on a date isn’t bad enough, our adorable periods make us more vulnerable to infection and viruses. According to sources at Livestrong, immune cell changes are a likely cause for why some women start to feel run down, so any brewing cold is likely to surface during your period. Fortunately, having sex can boost your immune system by creating antibodies that help ward off colds. Don’t have to tell me twice…

6. Headaches no more. Fortunately, my body has taken pity on me due to my violent cramps and left me with a lifetime of headache free periods. But for the rest of you who do suffer from period migraines, it’s worth considering that the endorphins that are released during climax are so similar to morphine that period sex can act as a pain-reliever for those stubborn headaches.

Know of any other period sex benefits? Share them in the comments!

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