Prince Charles’ Message That Left Princess Diana Traumatized

Dragana Stepicby:


Looking at Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage from this perspective, it seems quite clear that they never really stood a chance. First of all, they’d seen each other only about dozen times before they got engaged, plus, they also had second thoughts about getting married before their wedding day, so all the signs were telling they should reconsider. However, they said “I do” in July 1981 and they had a lavish ceremony that millions of people watched.

Even though they did get married, it wasn’t long afterward that Prince Charles started cheating on Princess Diana with his ex-girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles, and his affair was discovered soon. Now that we look back at their engagement video, there is an awkward moment that might be a message that Prince Charles sent to Camilla.


Source: The Royal UK

Namely, when the engaged couple was asked about how they felt about each other and whether they were in love, Princess Diana said “Of course,” while Prince’s answer was “Well, whatever in love means.” Naturally, such a response hurt the shy Princess Diana very much, and according to the biographer Robert Lacey in the documentary Princes Of The Palace, “this was, in fact, his “message to Camilla.” He didn’t want to say it publicly that he was in love with his fiancée because he didn’t want his ex-girlfriend to hear that.

The royal author Chris Hutchins said: “It must have hurt her enormously when he said that, because what would our wives have said if we’d said on the day of our engagement publicly ‘whatever love is.”

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Even the Princess herself admitted how she felt when she heard the Prince say that. “That threw me completely,” she said. “It absolutely traumatized me.”

So, many are wondering why Prince Charles didn’t marry Camilla in the first place. Namely, he might have wanted to, but that wasn’t possible because of her background, and the Royals wanted the future king to marry a virgin, and that was just another reason why Camilla did not fit into the description.


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