6 Reasons Women Experiment With Women

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I am the most disappointing bi-curious girl ever. My first kiss was with a girl at age 15, over a game of spin-the-bottle. But in the decade-plus since then, I have failed to act on any of the moments where I’m in close quarters with someone I am taken with. I’ve had these really intense crushes on women where I think about them and look at them all moon-eyed … but when it comes to making a move, I get pee-your-pants-nervous. It’s really lame.

Hopefully, one day I’ll just grow a pair of ovaries. But, luckily, some of my Frisky sisters act on their desires more than I do. After the jump, I asked them why they’ve experimented with other women:

1. To experiment, duh.

“It was my freshmen year of college and I had no idea who I really was as a person, so I was really into experimenting in all different kinds of ways. So, one drunken night after partying in our dorm room, I had a threesome with my roommate and another dude who lived in the dorm, upstairs. It transpired organically, innocently even, and wasn’t premeditated. But I kinda knew this would happen between me and my roommate: she was very sexually open and adventurous and uninhibited, and I knew I would feel safe pursuing this with her. The experience served its purpose — it made me realize I was definitely not into women.”

2. For the boobs, baby.

“Women experiment with other women because boobs are inherently awesome. Women’s bodies are just better-designed than men’s bodies in the sense that they are more aesthetically pleasing.”

3. Because no one is better at cunnilingus.

“Women know how to please women, especially when it comes to oral sex. Who wouldn’t want to get with that? I’ve had ladysex four or five times and it was always fun.”

4. For the emotional and verbal connenction.

“[I experimented with a woman] because she could verbalize how she felt. We really connected. She was just as invested and I could really open up and trust … which is the key to good sex.”

5. To heal a broken heart.

“It was after a breakup and I was devastated. During the time we were apart, I wanted to have sex, but I didn’t want to be with a guy, because he was the only one I wanted, so I thought I’d hook up with a woman — since it could be all the same things and some new stuff. I did it because I wanted to have sex, but not be penis-ly disloyal to someone. And also to just get out all the things to do sexually before getting back with someone who I thought was going to be it.”

6. Because it’s … different?

“It’s hard for me to explain … it’s not a sexual attraction. Kinda like a respect/admiration attraction? Women are beautiful, soft, and smell great (think Katy Perry‘s ‘I Kissed a Girl’). Who wouldn’t want a girlfriend?!”

Have you experimented with a woman? If so, tell us about it!

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