Report: Solange Thought Jay Z Was Getting “Too Close” To Rachel Roy

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  • So Solange was defending her sister! A source tells The New York Daily News that Beyonce’s little sis attacked Jay Z in an elevator after the Met Ball because she thought her brother-in-law was getting “too close” to designer Rachel Roy. (Rachel is also the ex of Jay’s former business partner, Damon Dash.) An inebriated Solange allegedly yelled at Rachel at the after-party, warning her to stay away from her sister’s husband. “Rachel is a little too close to Jay Z,” the source said. “Solange doesn’t like it and Beyoncé doesn’t like it.” In the elevator, Solange flipped out after Jay told her she’d been “out of line” and because he wanted to go out clubbing after the party. I guess Beyoncé didn’t write that song “Jealous” over nothing!  [New York Daily News]

Source: Us Weekly

  • Meanwhile, the Standard Hotel has identified and fired the employee who sold the video of Solange attacking Jay Z in the elevator. TMZ bought it for $250,000 after it was shopped around to other gossip outlets for five days. [APPage Six]
  • Confirming my suspicion that Rihanna is not a nice person, the singer mocked a fan over Twitter for wearing a winged pantsuit to prom similar to one of RiRi’s own dresses. Sixteen-year-old Alexis Carter posed in the black pantsuit with her arms outstretched. Imagine her surprise to find out she was getting made fun of on social media for looking like the Batman logo by the pop star herself. [Huffington Post]
  • In other Rihanna news, she and Drake broke up again because “he is too in love with her.” [US Weekly]
  • The world’s oldest fossilized sperm has been discovered in Australia. [Salon]
  • Neil Patrick Harris had been offered David Letterman’s hosting gig at the “Late Show,” but turned it down. Now you know who to thank, Stephen Colbert. [New York Daily News]
  • Perfect gentleman Justin Bieber called a woman a “bitch” for taking a picture of him at a Burbank riding stable. [TMZ]
  • Republican and “Clueless” actress Stacey Dash is in talks to join Fox News as a contributor. I guess would make her the youngest person on the whole network, huh? [Page Six]

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