Rob Lowe Is Delighted By Dadbod, Says It’s Time To Objectify Men

Wendy Stokesby:


I’m not pro or con [dadbod], but it’s great that it is a real thing. My understanding of it is [that dadbod] guys are semi-jacked but have neglected this [points to decidedly anti-dadbod stomach], is that right? My new favorite term … are you ready for this? Skinny-fat. It’s a great one. Because it’s people who look skinny but aren’t, right? I think it’s time to start objectifying men. I think it’s time.

Looks like Rob Lowe is just as obsessed with “dadbod” as the rest of the world. He told New York magazine that, after reading about the latest “go ahead, dudes, be even lazier!” trend for men, he asked his Twitter followers for their opinion on his own 51-year-old physique.

“I put it out there to my millions of followers: Be honest with me: Do I have a dadbod? I just need to know. … They said absolutely not, although some wonderful internet sleuths found a photo of me when I was not at my finest and said, yeah, you have a dadbod. I am a dad and I have a bod. So by definition, I have a dadbod.”

As we’ve said before, we don’t actually have any issues with “dadbod” itself — a dude who would rather go out for nachos than hit the gym for two hours is more our speed anyhow — but the fact that as the beauty trends for women become more and more ridiculous, time-consuming and even painful, the trends for men (like beards) require less and less effort.

As for objectifying men? Don’t mind if I do!


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