India’s First Porn Cartoon Is Banned

Wendy Stokesby:


Thousands in India are mourning the loss of a very “public” female icon. Animated Indian porn star Savita Bhabhi was admired for her beauty, her wifely obedience and … her various sexual exploits. The not-so-ordinary housewife allowed fans into her home to watch her get hot and heavy with the neighbors, her boss, and even a bra salesman. (Really?!) But, unfortunately, India’s first cartoon porn star has met her end. After discovering the popular site posting Savita’s animated escapades, the Indian Department of Telecommunications declared the site obscene and forever banned Savita and her raging libido. Fans tweeted the news of Savita’s end, inspiring numerous eulogies and showing the government that Savita was more than a website of raunchy animated sex. Women, sociologists, and media personalities praised Savita’s inhibitions as a symbol of freedom, women’s rights, and a new type of sexuality in India. Seriously, the government probably should have left the site up. Apparently, tech-savvy folks are already trying to relaunch Savita. And now she’s got that hot forbidden fruit factor! But, for now, we’ll have to wait and see if Savita makes her naughty return. [Huffington Post]

Original by Daniela Guernica

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