Six Ways To Make Yoga Part Of Your Vacation

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As a form of exercise, yoga comes with many health benefits. That’s why there are many people out there to whom yoga is a lifestyle. Those who have been doing it for a long time will tell you it gives you the much-needed peace of mind. Yoga is an excellent way to relax and ensure you remain active throughout the day. However, some people think it’s not easy to have your own little yoga retreat. You might not be in the position to have your daily routine while on vacation. That doesn’t, however, mean you shouldn’t try.
Here are some things you can do to make yoga part of your vacation:

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Bring Your Best Poses

Some people practice their yoga solo while others do it in the context of a class. Either way, each one should have their favorite poses. The key to enjoying your vacation is bringing your favorite poses with you. After all, vacation is all about having fun. So relax and let playfulness guide you as your body moves you into your favorite poses. All you need to have a successful vacation is a few minutes of meditation. Going with your favorite poses makes it easier for you to ease into the routine. Do this in the morning to start off the day with a joyful and expectant soul. It doesn’t have to take an eternity. With a little concentration, you can be over and done with your yoga session in two to three minutes.

Carry Your Kriyas Along

No matter how tight your vacation schedule is, you should be able to find a little extra time with your mornings. Find a Kriya you can quickly memorize by practicing a few days before you leave for your vacation. That way it won’t matter that you are away on vacation. You might be experiencing new people, adventures, and sights. Even if you are visiting family, you need to know who you are and tap into your higher self.

Practice Yoga Tourism

Going on any vacation is a time for discovery. So why not set out on a journey to discover the types of yoga classes your destination has to offer? As yoga retreat experts The Travel Yogi points out, any journey is your opportunity to take a class in a new style or one you haven’t tried. If you are putting up in a hotel, find out if they have yoga categories of their own. You might be surprised to get space for a few minutes of yoga at the airport. Talk to the hotel front desk staff or your realtor about the yoga options in your chosen destination.

Create a Practicing Space

If you can’t carry your mat or props with you on vacation, there is no need to worry. Relax and enjoy improvisation. All you need is a little creativity to have your yoga session up and going. Look around your hotel room and rearrange the furniture to create a little yoga space. To create the right ambiance, download some of your favorite calming tunes.

If you are in tight quarters with your family, why not use the porch outside? The same applies to those visiting beach hotels. Perch up on the sand and practice your yoga at sunrise or sunset. Sunsets and sunrises will never be the same for you. If anything, the weather should be the last thing you worry about when intent on having your yoga session.


Create Practice Time

Before going for your yoga retreat, decide when the right time to practice will be and strictly observe it. As a rule, get up a little early for a quiet moment with yourself and your practice. You will discover you didn’t waste your time when you bring to the day and those around you so much more. You might as well approach it in a different way. Find out if other people would like to join you. After all, you are on vacation to try out new things. Talking to a family member into giving yoga a try for a start could be the way to go.

Open Up And Forgive Yourself And Others

Your vacation is likely to be punctuated with many other activities. So, forgive yourself if the best you can have is an altered practice. Why should be distressed by putting undue pressure on yourself? Are you not on vacation? Embrace any intermittent interruptions as part of the experience. After all, the vacation should open you up to new experiences. If they were to happen in your yoga practice, the better.


Do you still have a reason why you shouldn’t incorporate yoga practice into your vacation? Well, there is no reason why you should put yoga on hold while on holiday.

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