Stunning Wall Arts to Design Your Home Like A Pro

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Haven’t we all gushed over the beautiful homes designed by an interior designer? The beauty and the designs of the art included blending smoothly with the furniture and the color of the room is just inspiring.

Most of us wish we could hire such interior designers for our own homes to transform it into something like a living room picture taken out a lifestyle magazine! But we do not have to shell out huge bucks in hiring an interior designer to make our home look like that. All we need is a few ideas and some creative visions and we could also proudly show our beautiful home to the guests.

There is an infinite number of ideas to design your home. It doesn’t mean changing the existing things in your room. You can add a few tasteful and unique looking wall arts to your home which call amp up the entire look. You can never go wrong with the wall arts! There are tons of wall arts out there which you can mix and match to uplift the appearance of the entire room.

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Instead of buying wall arts from the local stores that have repetitive pieces, choose a good store which sells professional wall arts at budget-friendly rates. Here are a few ideas in choosing the wall arts for your home.

Match The Ambience

Every room has its own ambiance depending on what you intend it to. The color and design on the walls, the furniture you use and other decorative items you keep in the room define its ambiance. This ambiance is what evokes a particular emotion in a person when they enter. So the wall art you choose must also be in line with the kind of ambiance you are going for. You may want to keep a cool, chilling vibe or maybe a calm and soothing atmosphere. Whatever is the emotion you are going for, make sure that the wall art you choose also evoke the emotion and match the total ambiance.

Contrasts Never Fail

If you are too confused about multiple wall arts, then go for the ones that contrast the wall color and its designs. You can get some eye-catching paintings with bright and bold colors for nude colored walls or a simplistic painting for asymmetrically designed walls.

In case you have used wallpapers to cover the entire section of your wall, then refrain from choosing wall arts that are similar to the designs on the wall. Wall art should be able to differentiate itself from the wall and similar designs will spoil and negate its presence. Whatever you choose, keep in mind to match the mood of the room.


Don’t Neglect The Frames of Paintings

As much as we all concentrate on the intricacies and feel of the paintings, it is important to notice the frame too. Some walls do not go with gold colored frames while some wall colors require a bright color frame to make the entire painting stand out and take notice.

Ensure that the frame you choose complements the painting and helps the painting to distinguish itself from the wall color and design. Most of the times, you can never go wrong with wooden frames and therefore, when you are confused, go with the wooden one.

Wall Arts That Makes A Statement

When we say wall art, our mind automatically goes to the paintings. But there are also a lot of wall arts that aren’t paintings and doesn’t cost more than a painting. This kind of wall arts make a statement and when properly chosen could turn a lot of heads!

Wall arts with a metallic design can be best suited to add a spark to a room that is simple and mute. Similarly, some wall arts with shining stones also lends the same effect. For homes with already has a great designed wallpaper, one can go for these textile or wooden wall arts with intricate carvings. If you are going for a fun and color décor, an antler’s skull will make a bold statement!

Choose Attractive Wall Arts from Koala Living

At Koala Living, you can find top quality wall arts that are unique. For every kind of ambiance, there is a wide range of wall arts which you can match with your living furniture and wall designs. Confused about which wall art to choose? We can help you make the right choice.

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