What You Need To Have In Your Survival Kit

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A survival kit is considered a kit, backpack, or even a whole bag, that contains all the necessary items in order for you to survive in the wilderness or any other similar situation.

Without wasting too much of your time on the less important things, we are going to jump straight into what you need to have in your survival kit.

1. Backpack

The backpack is the soul of your survival kit. It is used to store everything else, and no one goes in the wilderness without a backpack. While in the case of emergency you can pack any backpack, a proper survival backpack should be sturdy enough to carry all the necessary things and withstand hard environments. It should be sturdy enough so it doesn’t get snagged in muddy waters, and it should be waterproof.

2. Hydration System

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The first thing that should be inside your backpack is a water bottle, preferably of stainless steel material, and a water filter so that it can filtrate unclean water. While you won’t hike radioactive forests any time soon, there can be a lot of bacteria found in water from rivers, lakes, puddles, or creeks. Carrying a water filter with you might be the difference between life and death.

3. Protection

Anyone who goes into the wilderness for a couple of days should know that animals reside in it. And they can very much consider you their dinner. A knife is a perfect protection that you can carry with you in such environments. Furthermore, a knife is used for a variety of tasks such as cutting rope, cutting branches for shelter, creating spears as long reach weapons, digging holes, hunting food, self-defense, and more. Crowsurvival has some of the best, durable, knives that can be the difference between life and death in the wilderness, and all under $100!

4. Sleeping Bag and Tent

Few people have the necessary survival skills to build a shelter out of the debris of stuff from their surroundings. If you lack those skills, then a tent and sleeping bag are your priority. A sleeping bag will keep you warm at night by wrapping yourself in it, and a tent will protect you from rain and various creatures during the night.

5. Cordage

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Cordage is a survival item that has more uses than you might originally have thought. Cordage can be used for a variety of tasks such as: creating emergency shelters, climbing and rescuing, tying supplies to your bag, protecting your food by hanging it away from wild animals, making splints in the case of a broken arm, tying poles together, fishing, and more.

6. Fire Starters

The first invention of our species is fire, but nowadays we don’t need a lightning to strike in order to light one up. While some people have mastered the art of starting a fire, you can always help yourself by adding fire starters to the long list of survival items. Starting a fire is the most important survival tactic. Fire keeps us warm, provides light, animals fear it, and more. Firestarter tools are extremely useful when in rainy or snowy conditions.

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