TGIF! Here’s A Video Of Rihanna Farting In A Bath Tub

Wendy Stokesby:


Here at The Frisky, we all write about a plethora of different topics, though we each have our own particular, specific beats. Megan is on the Rihanna beat. I am on the fart beat. What we have here is a clip of Rihanna, dewy-skinned and moist-eyed, reclining in the milky bath from her “Stay” music video, but the song’s audio has been stripped so all you hear is splashing and oh, yes, a fart. How did Megan and I decide who would get to write about it? Contrary to what you might think, we did not fight to the death over the opportunity. No, Megan declared that she was mad at it, so the honor fell to me. Thank god, as I’ve been waiting for the chance to make the joke, “Bitch better have some Beano.”


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