The Basics of Caring for Remy Hair Extensions

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Remy hair extensions are by far the most popular and for good reason.

Remy is a term used to describe the characteristics of a particular type of hair extension as well as the manufacturing methods. Remy human hair strands follow the same direction and won’t tangle or matt, just one of the reasons why they’re the preferred choice for wigs and hair extensions.

Non-Remy hair extensions, on the other hand, have cuticles that flow in different directions, which is when shedding and tangling become more likely. When you initially purchase non-Remy hair extensions, they will feel soft but once the silicone coating comes off after a few washes, the hair becomes more brittle.

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Remy hair extensions do cost more than synthetic options but if you want your extensions to look and feel natural, they’re well worth the extra cost. Synthetic hair extensions are fine but you will need to replace them much sooner than you would’ve hoped to.

Remy hair extensions offer shine and strength and they always look beautiful but only if you care for them correctly. This article aims to provide you with some basic Remy clip in and tape in hair extensions details.

Caring for Remy Hair Extensions

If you want to ensure that your Remy extensions last, you should carefully select your hair care products. Any shampoo or conditioner that you use on your hair should be free of both sulfates and parabens. The roots, as well as the shaft of the hair, should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis using gentle but effective products. In terms of conditioning your hair, conditioner should never be applied to the root of your extensions or it could cause them to slip.

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It is possible to change the colour of your Remy hair extensions but you should only ever go darker and not lighter. Going lighter can affect the quality of the hair extensions and they won’t last as long as they could. It’s also highly recommended that you color your extensions at a professional salon – box dye will only damage your investment.

Caring for Remy Tape In Extensions

If you want to be able to enjoy your tape in hair extensions for as long as possible, you will need to care for them on a daily basis. You will also need to make some adjustments to your usual hair care routine. For example, it’s important to never comb or brush your Remy hair extensions while they’re wet and to only use a comb or brush that’s specifically designed for use on extensions.

Always avoid tugging or unnecessary manipulation of your Remy tape in hair extensions as this will ensure they stay in place. Before you go to bed, gently dry and braid your hair extensions to avoid tangling and to ensure that the shape and volume of the extensions always look great.

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Caring for Remy Clip In Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are semi-permanent, which means that you will need to care for them in a slightly different way.  For one, you should avoid washing your clip in hair extensions too often and you will need to store them correctly once they’re dry if you want to extend their life.

If you want to maintain the texture of your clip in hair extensions, it’s best to avoid wearing them in a swimming pool or the ocean.


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