The Benefits Of Using An Android Add Blocker App

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In the past few decades and with the internet becoming a huge thing, a mobile phone has become a staple in the life of us all. First, the internet is now the largest marketplace where you can buy and sell whatever interests you, and a platform offering free online communication for people all over the world. And now we need only one device to get all things done – and that is a smartphone. We use it to call, message, take a photo, edit, post, watch videos, play games and even make payments if your mobile phone is connected to a credit card.

Now, most websites and videos that we enter are full of ads and recommendation posts. And there is no doubt why – online marketing is probably the most effective advertising method out there. Still, it can get annoying and greatly affect your browsing experience. Lucky for you, a thing called an AdBlocker can save you all the trouble. With a variety of adblocking apps being available for Android, you might ask if it is worth installing one. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at why and how may it be of benefit!

Why You Should Use An Android AdBlocker App

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1. The main reason to do so is that certain malware websites are buying their advertising space, and your chances of entering such a website and losing your data or damaging your device are huge. That is why with an Adblock app you are reducing the chances of such a thing (unless the app whitelisted the website and still allows its ads).

2. By using some of the best AdBlocker apps you prevent the server from tracking you – and this is especially important if you use your Android phone for a variety of things, and services. You don’t want your personal info or preferences being sold or given out to a third party that will then attack you with even more target advertising.

3. Let’s not forget, for many of you the data connection plan might be tight and ads do know to take a lot of MBs from your data plan as your mobile phone downloads automatically. That is why with an adblocker you will be saving your data MBs and in long term at least a few dollars on monthly basis as well!

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4. Without ads, all the content on a website is sure to load up much faster. There is nothing to block your Android system from focusing on the real content, instead of getting affected by complex codes and ad imageries. And you will not get distracted by the ads and recommendation posts either!

5 .Last but not least using AdBlocker Android apps will allow you to freely enjoy your browsing experience instead of being constantly bothered by annoying pop-ups and recommendations that make you want to stop reading the article, and move on. And let’s not forget, your personal info is not at risk of being sold to relevant third parties that might later use it in their target advertising.


Installing some of the Android AdBlocker apps is sure to be of huge favor to you and your browsing experience. You will be saving money as your data plan will not be as affected, the relevant websites are going to load up much faster, and last but not least your personal preferences will be hidden and not tracked by the ad server! So go ahead, do your research, and find the app that is just right for you and your needs!

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