Importance of Music Promotion by Victor Hart of MegaBuzz Music Promotions

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There’s definitely no neglecting that music is a really important part of everyone’s life. I don’t know a person myself that doesn’t listen to music. Music is truly one of the best forms of art. It helps many people get through hard times, it helps us to party, meet new people, fall in love, get pumped for a workout session and what not. If you are a music lover or a producer, this article is for you.

The importance of promoting your music

Just like any other product today, you can have the best music in the world, but if people never hear about it, what use does it have? There are so many music creators trying to get recognition and form a group of fans and followers. It is really hard getting to the top without good promotion for your art. I can’t even count how many times I’ve accidentally listened to a song from an advertisement and ended up liking it. And then went and listened to everything from that artist.

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We live in a world where social media is one of the most influential sources for information, advertising, fashion and anything else really. One of the best tips for artists is to make sure they stay active on such platforms and constantly share and push their work. You never know who’s going to notice it. There are countless of stories and examples of people that made it just because they were recognized from someone really influential. This is just one of the possibilities that can happen which really shows us the importance of music promotion.

Different marketing strategies

Getting into the music industry might not be hard, but just getting in it is not enough. Finding a way to effectively promote your music is what’s going to take you to the top. Sometimes the recognition from your friends, family or your girlfriend is not enough. You need to make sure other people are listening to your music. Especially important people. And by important people, we mean influencers, investors or someone that can really help you get the recognition you need. Although social media is almost always the best way to promote, artists tend to do some other strategies as well. One of the most interesting and unique ones that we know of, is the guerilla marketing strategy of “paper handing”.

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During a festival, artists tend to walk in the crowd and hand people pieces of paper or cards on which they have their SoundCloud profile was written or a YouTube link for their song. This might seem like something that doesn’t work, but trust me, it does. I’ve been at a festival myself when a guy did this and you won’t believe how many people actually took their phones out to check out the link. If only half of those people end up liking your stuff, you already have a huge advantage. An important thing to note is that you must be friendly and careful when doing this. Do not interrupt people if they’re in the middle of a conversation or if they’re dancing and having a great time. People that use this strategy are usually doing it in-between sets when the music is off or simply outside of the area, far from the stage.

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