6 Tips for choosing the best running shoes for high arches

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You might be wondering why some people find it easy to get a new pair of shoe, while it is quite difficult for the others. Well, this is indeed a fact to prove that human beings have different foot sizes, including shape and form. It could have been better, if you can put on any shoe that you would like to use every day, right? But that is not always the case because there are people, who are living with some certain foot conditions like the ones with high arches.

Having a high arch may not only give you discomfort but the difficulty of finding the best pair of running shoes for high arches as well. I believe that individuals with a lack of knowledge about this condition as well as expertise in choosing the right pair of running shoes give one a real headache. Therefore, you have to be aware of what a high arch is before choosing and buying a pair for your running activities.

An individual is said to have a high-arched or a cavus foot when you have a noticeable high arch. With this condition, you are placing excess weight on the foot’s heel and ball as well. You are placing that amount of weight not only when you are running, but even when you are standing and walking, too. Now, remember that this condition may occur and develop regardless of age and in just one or even both of your feet. Anyway, this abnormality is not always inherited. The condition may also be acquired because of previous or current condition, such as neurologic disorders, cerebral palsy, polio or stroke.

1. Central Support

It has always been a big consideration to choose a pair of running shoe that will support your foot all the way. The condition of having a high arch isn’t easy, so it is indeed vital for to have it built for carrying the weight on the central part of your foot. Another thing that must be considered as far as support is concerned is the cushioning.

2. Ventilation

When you put on a pair of shoe for running, then you would probably want to use socks, too. Because of this, your foot may not be able to breathe well. There might not be enough ventilation. Therefore, the foot may sweat, moist and feel hot. So, you have to consider the fabric that would make your foot feel cool. Most of these come with a lightweight material, anyway to enable the flow of air naturally.

3. Comfortability

How comfortable are you when wearing your shoes? If it is too tight or loose, then you cannot really make yourself comfortable running or even walking on it. Regardless of your foot abnormality, you have to choose the ones that would be very comfortable for your daily use and needs. When you can feel how comfortable it is, you will then be at ease wearing it as your foot reaches the ground.

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Make sure to choose a cushioning that is not too stiff, heavy or even bulky, so it won’t need to add weight. And then, there must also be added lightweight cushioning on the outside to prevent the foot from moving in and out. Anyway, additional insoles may be used, if you feel more comfortable with it.

4. Stability

You have to keep your balance when your feet are on the ground. With a high-arched foot, of course, expect the center part of your foot not to meet the ground. But this should not be a reason to fall. So, you have to make sure that the pair of shoe has good outsole. This would naturally give your foot a balanced contact with the ground. Through this, the stability when stepping, standing, walking and running on the ground will be achieved. When you can make a stabled step, you can then learn to run and walk around with full confidence. Of course, without thinking that you have a certain foot condition.

5. Flexibility

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It could have been better if you can choose a flexible pair of shoe. When you are running, you may sometimes or often need to bend your foot after some time. There are also times when you take a short break from running and relaxes your foot by moving your toes. Such things are possible when wearing a flexible pair of running shoe. I guess this would help your foot to prevent the stiffness and rigid feeling as you wear the shoes for some time. Anyway, naturally moving the foot is good for the mid, upper and outsole of the runner.

6. Shape

You will also need extra cushioning, so it would be best to check the shape of the shoes. If you can find a curved one, then that would be great. The shape of the shoes will not only provide you a better running experience but confidence as well.

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