Covert Venture – This Is Not a Game

Wendy Stokesby:


Do Jason Bourne, James Bond (007), Mile 22, or Call of Duty make your heart beat faster? If so, read on! For those unaware of what COVERT VENTURE stands for, this piece will serve as a guide to an incredible adventure that you’ve never heard of.



CVJTF is an international team of military intelligence specialists, formerly involved in “behind the enemy lines” type of work. Think of GRU Spetsnaz (ever heard of KGB?) and CIA operators – those are the guys.

And now, under the umbrella of CVJTF, these x-spies create and operate comprehensive and engaging real-world special operation simulations for the sake of entertainment and specialized education. Although their operations are made to be very realistic, its dangers are kept under control. Their multi-day tactical scenarios have been designed in a way that recreates the entire spectrum of unconventional warfare operations.

CVJTF’s military simulations (MILSIMs), take place in some of the most exotic and remote regions all around our planet. Some of their operational locations also include urban areas, such as New York and Moscow. In some areas, participants of their MILSIMs, are supported by law enforcement authorities, already integrated into local special forces exercises. Perhaps you didn’t think of it, but intel guys have to train in the real environment, such as villages, towns, and cities (right where you live).


The First-Person Experience

Getting involved in something like this feels the same way as playing Call of Duty – Black Ops. But, in CVJTF’s case, it’s happening in real life, and it’s not a game as you know it. Although you will not get involved in the real battle, you will still face what actual military intelligence special operations face.

Except for the organizers, no one on your team will know how the operation will go. Every single step you take will rely on the choices you make. These choices will be determined by the group you create, including which military intelligence officers you assign as your unit advisors.

Similar to the Call of Duty, at the start of the operation, participants will only be informed of their mission objective and their roles. As the mission continues, the scenario will change, and unexpected and exciting mind-bending surprises will emerge.

It will require your team to continually analyze new data, run on the tips of their toes, and you will have to be extremely resourceful to find new solutions to arising challenges.

After participants select their missions, they elect an advisor for their unit to guide them. The choices are former GRU, MOSSAD, JTF2, SAS, and CIA operators. CVJTF’s network of x-operators is vast, and on request, they can also bring in guys and girls from New Zealand’s NZSAS, Russian Special Forces Alpha from FSB, Peru Commandos, and Mexican GAFE. Depending on the selected mission, equipment provided for these simulations may include military-grade fire and laser tag weapons, light tanks and off-road vehicles, speedboats, helicopters, planes, and so on.


The entire adventure is divided into the following two parts:

You will go on three to four days of preparation at the special forces base (you’ll be surprised to find out how many of these are hiding around). Your unit will be sent on location to perform the operation itself.

Why Should I Go?

Besides having a ton of fun with your team, you will experience what it’s like to be in the middle of a special operation, shoulder to shoulder with elite military intelligence special forces specialists.


Wrapping Up

These simulations have no predictable outcome – everything is up to you, your team, selected advisors, equipment, your decisions, and your budget. For most, it’s a transformational practice that your group will remember for the rest of their life.

Think of the COVERT VENTURE as the new gateway to a better you.

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