The Jonas Brothers – Split was the best thing

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They have been one of the most popular bands in the world, which was evident from the albums that they were selling. They have sold millions of those and earned a lot. And, on the top of their fame, they decided to separate and try their own solo careers. Even though this seemed like a bad thing, it may actually be the best thing they could have ever done.

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The success

They started their career as a boy band and they were immediately noticed due to their uniqueness and their songs. The first deal that they signed was in 2005 when they prepared their first album called It’s About Time. However, the album sales did not go well and the reception of their music at that time was not good. So, the deal was terminated.

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This was the breaking point for them since they have prepared an album by themselves. They have also been signed by Hollywood Records and the album was a great hit since it was placed at No. 5on the Billboard 200. Another breakthrough for them happened when they appeared in Hannah Montana along with Miley Cyrus. The recognition came in 2009 when the nomination for Grammy for Best New Artist arrived. From hat point onward, they were very busy and they have launched even four studio albums and three of those were in the top 10 of the Billboard list. Apart from this, they had a movie career through the appearance in a movie called Camp Rock.


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The announcement of their breaking up happened in October 2013. This was surprising to their fans even more because their tour was about to start in two days. Some people guessed that the drugs might have caused the break-up

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Joe Jonas

To make things straight and clear, Joe Jonas spoke to the public about the break-up. He admitted that he was on bad terms with his brothers and that he visited a therapist. He has also added that Nick was the one who stepped out and told them that he also wanted to do something else in his life and that he would like to try a career in movies and to have a solo career. This was shocking for them.

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Nick Jonas

During an interview with Andy Cohen, Nick has stated that they have reached their zenith and that they were not able to record and perform as they were in the period before that. So, they decided to have a break and to work on their family relationships.

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During the filming and production of the mutual project called Amazon, they have realized that they should start to perform together again. A lot of stuff has happened during the time they were apart, i.e. Kevin got children, Nick got married and Joe got engaged. The audience surely missed them and they eagerly wait for their tour.



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