The relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Doria Ragland

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It is not a secret that Queen Elizabeth II would do everything she could so that she protect her family and family interests. It is also not a secret that she openly states who are the people that she does not like in her siblings’ surrounding. Since Meghan became the newest member of the royal family, and we know that she has a very close relationship with her mother, the question about Meghan’s mother and the Queen’s relationship arises.

Good terms

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We need to mention that Harry and Meghan had not been dating for a long time before Harry visited his grandmother and asked for the permission to get married. There are some interesting facts here that show that the Queen liked Meghan from the start. First of all, she did not adhere to the royal protocol when she allowed Meghan to spend time with her fiancée during the family holidays. The rule is simple: only the members of the royal family are to spend holidays together. One thing maybe helped here. Meghan loves doges and the Queen noticed that Meghan loves her dogs as well, and we all know how much the Queen loves her dogs.


It should be also noted that the Queen invited Doria for a cup of tea one day before Harry and Doria’s wedding. Doria also get acquainted with other members of the royal family, as well. This invitation for tea was their first meeting, and this showed to all that the Queen wants to get to know Meghan’s mother. This may also mean that she liked her before the official meeting.


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Christmas is a very important holiday for the royals and the protocol is strict here, as well. However, it is evident that the Queen once again broke it in 2018 since she sent an invitation to Doria to join them during Christmas. It needs to be noted that the only person who was given this honor was Meghan. This means that the respect of the Queen for Doria is big. On the other hand, there are some rumors that claim that the Queen never sent that invitation, and we can never know that since royal matters are kept as a secret.

The relationship

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It is evident that Doria does not “hang out” with the royal family too often which is normal since royals have a lot of obligations and responsibilities where Doria simply does not fit. It is also true that the Queen and Doria met several times and that they have not spent too much time together. However, on the basis of what is known and seen, it can be concluded that there is respect between them and that they have a good relationship.


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