The Three Top Thrills of Extreme Winter Sports

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For real adventure seekers, it is time to double up the ante and look for activities that truly bring out the adrenaline rush. Among the options available, nothing keeps it chugging than extreme sports in the outdoors during winter, especially to people that love the combination of travel and winter sports. Many may think that with winter comes the time to take it easy; submit to the unforgiving features of the elements and hibernate your exploratory spirit.

However, doing so is only ill-advised since winter provides a great time to be innovative and even try the games that you already know, albeit in a different setting. The non-innovative too should not despair, some activities that they will exhilarate their spirits are listed here:

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1. Ice Golfing

There is a winter event that has taken Russia by storm, and no, it has nothing to do with the Vodka and the streets celebrations in Moscow. The icy plains of Russia’s Lake Baikal and ice golfing are now almost synonymous. Thanks to the thousands of local and international tourists that flock the location every year, ice golfing the now famous competitive winter event.

This year’s event, the Baikal ice golf 2019 will take place on March 17 and 18, and will celebrate the game’s 16 anniversary since its 2004 inception.The game follows every standard rule adopted for the traditional 18-hole golf. The only differences are that the course is the Baikal ice on top of the lake. Moreover, the balls aren’t white;instead, they are red. If you want to travel to Russia and enjoy the icy-snow fairway, then there is your ideal itinerary.

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2. Snowkiting

If you can snowboard and are a great kitesurfer, then this is a must-do sport. Moreover, the beauty of this pastime is that it hardly requires the extreme terrains that most winter sports demand. Also, you only need a modicum of wind, and you can do it both down and uphill.Thrilling, huh?

Snowkiting is as thrilling as the name sounds. You will experience speeds of almost 120 kilometers an hour and leaps of about 80 feet in the air for distances as long as 500 feet before landing.

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3. Ski Jumping

Ski jumping probably is the most popular of all extreme winter sports. Though it is not for amateurs, determined folks who practice hard enough should not find it cumbersome to soar the150-meter jumps that veterans manage.It, however, is critical to note that to attain a crush-free landing means that you learn peerless techniques. Though these bits of the game require much practice, once you master them the joy of the sport is incomparable.

Extreme winter sports are thrilling, probably because they seem dangerous. People that love the thrill, however, find them exciting. These three are a starting point for someone that wants to get exploratory while also making the most of the unforgiving winter weather.

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