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The natural harmfulness of some materials around us is not mentioned enough to consider their effects on our health. Leading the way with our unawareness helping it is the material present in over 3000 consumer products, asbestos. Long ago discovered to be of great value, this natural mineral has been mined and exploited because of his chemical resistance, durability and heat retention. Probably most known to be used in the construction production decades ago and after time implemented widely in industrial manufacturing. The “miracle material” they called it, was used from standard insulation and other construction helpful tools to car brakes and many more versatile products. The use of Asbestos was genuinely unbelievable in the period from 1920s to 1970s all over the world, especially in the USA. Recognizing its potentials in the construction, production put aside the adverse effects which started to appear with it, mostly associated with Mesothelioma.

Research has shown that in early 1930s the results of Asbestos have decreased our health state, and endangered millions of people with its future exploitation in the construction business. This, unfortunately, didn’t slow down the use of it in the next 40 years but has increased the number of ill-affected. Nota that, mesothelioma has an average prognosis of only 12 to 21 months, which is frightening when you think of it. One way to ensure your physical state is through asbestos testing.

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The mentioned action is suggested before making planned repairs, renovation or changes to your home. With conducting safe checks thorough asbestos testing to identify potentially hazardous materials present in your house. Professionally trained Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response licensed experienced inspectors of buildings to guarantee you quality service to put yours and your family health in the first place.  Asbestos testing and sampling service help to limit and eliminate the risk associated with asbestos disturbance and lower the potential effects related to asbestos removal altogether.

When we speak about the amount of asbestos exposure, you must understand that minimal or limited exposure, can be considered dangerous and can lead to diagnoses of mesothelioma. Through inhaling microscopic asbestos fibers, mainly attack and affect your lungs. Abdomen and the heart are the next two places where the asbestos fibers leave their recognizable effects. According to the studies, 3% to 4% is the number of lung cancer caused by asbestos, chronic lung disease is caused by prolonged and regularly asbestos exposure. Pleural thickening is also caused by asbestos and is a sign of malignant mesothelioma, pleural plaques, and pleural effusion common follow the effects of the mentioned topic.

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When speaking about asbestos, there are six types of it known all over the world. Probably the most known is the Chrysotile, used because of its long, curly fibers used in ceiling and roof materials, walls and other commercial applications. Brown asbestos or Amosite mostly found in Africa, this amphibole asbestos due to his brown color was in the second place for exploitation in asbestos history. Primarily used for pipe installation, cement sheets, and ceiling tiles, thankfully not any more mined for commercial and production usage.

Tremolite is the third one and is found only in vermiculite. Crocidolite, the most lethal form present from asbestos. Blue asbestos, as they call it was involved in 4% usage in the USE of asbestos because it was brittle and harder than any other form of it.

Gray-brown color is typical for Anthophyllite asbestos, composed of iron and magnesium has long fibers which are the less used asbestos for commercial usage. Actinolite is probably the most rear asbestos of them all, colorless or green depending on the location. It was usually found in metamorphic rocks but was never present in commercial usage.

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