5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting It on With a Big D

Wendy Stokesby:

Love & Sex

When it comes to penises, people usually say “it’s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean.” Well, IMO, I think they are full of crap. I’ll be the first to admit it: I like big penises. Maybe it’s because that’s what I’ve been used to. My first love, the one who broke my virginity, had a big penis. Since him, I’ve been lucky enough to have boyfriends who are well-endowed. Or maybe that’s the reason I made them boyfriends. Whatever. For some women, big penises can be a problem.

Most women, my friends included, tend to freak out when they find out their “perfect” guy comes equipped with a huge d*ck. If you’re dating a guy who has a really large one and don’t know how to quite handle it, have no fear, I’m here—with tips. Here’s what you should do before getting it on with a big penis:

1. Don’t worry, it’ll fit

One misconception women believe is that a super big penis won’t fit inside of their vagina. Uh, hello? Let me introduce you to labor and delivery. If you can push an entire human out of your vag, you can definitely take a bigger penis up your vag. Yes, if the penis is bigger than what you’re used to, you may experience a tear or two. Just make sure you and his penis are lubricated as much as possible.

2. Get very aroused


Foreplay is always important before having sex. It’s what gets your body ready for the real action. Before shoving a big penis inside of you, incorporate foreplay to get your body revved up.

Give his penis lots of attention with your hands, mouth, and tongue. Size it up and get comfortable with it before taking it all in.

3. Lube it up


I can’t say this enough: LUBE. IT. UP. Make sure you slather his penis with silicone-based lube. Water-based lube tends to wear off fast. Silicone-based is the way to go for you and him.

4. Ease it in

Now that you’re ready to get it on, make sure you take things slowly. Don’t let him ram it in! Take deep breaths and continue breathing as you take him in. It’s going to be painful at first, but just keep breathing.

While he’s entering you, distract yourself by kissing him or touching yourself. There’s no rush, so if you feel the need to get acclimated to his size, ask him to lay in it for a sec until you open up more. Then get it poppin’.

5. Play the position right

It may be harder to move with bigger penises the way you would normally with smaller penises, so make sure to choose your position wisely. I don’t recommend getting on top—at least not for the first few times. Trust me, I attempted to hop on top the first time I had sex with a big one and that sh*t hurt. Missionary never fails. To spice it up, lay on your side while he spoons you from behind.

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