This Fearless Woman Takes Instagram Photography To New Badass Heights



Some people will go to extreme lengths to get the perfect lighting, angle, and pose for a selfie, but none of that comes close to this Instagram photographer who scales buildings for her photos. Angela Nikolau, 23, travels the world taking terrifying photos on ledges of skyscrapers, sometimes in cute, model-esque poses and sometimes in skilled yoga poses. The Russian photographer clearly isn’t afraid of heights and is quickly becoming an Instagram sensation through her mesmerizing posts.

Her Insta bio says, “No limit, no control,” which is obviously something she lives by. While a normal person would be scared just to stand on the roof of some of these extremely high buildings, Nikolau is standing on the very edge, looking down at what could potentially be her death as if it doesn’t phase her one bit. Like, is she not aware that one accidental slip could leave her plummeting toward the ground, which definitely wouldn’t end well? She must be absolutely fearless.

Some of the photos are taken by her boyfriend, 22-year-old Ivan Kuzenetsov, who travels with Nikolau in search of new landmarks to climb. The duo has scaled the Sagrada Familia in Spain, the Shanghai Tower in China, the Eiffel Tower in France, and many, many more alarmingly high structures. They haven’t been dating that long and decided to celebrate their romance by becoming the first people to climb the Goldin Finance 117 in Tianjin, China, which is 117 STORIES HIGH.

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The video of them climbing the Goldin Finance 117 shows just how extreme their climbing excursions can be. Neither one of them appears to be wearing a harness or any safety gear at all. Again, so terrifying.

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Since it’s illegal to climb many buildings, the Moscow-based couple has technically broken the law several times. So, if it wasn’t already clear, don’t try this at home, kids.

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Nikolau looks amazing in every single photo, but I can’t help thinking, “Please come down from there young lady,” like her probably-very-worried mother. I prefer to keep my feet on solid ground and live vicariously through badasses like her.

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She hasn’t revealed where her next climbs will be, but Kuzenetsov hinted in an interview with Inside Edition he wants to visit the U.S., Canada, Japan, and Malaysia soon, all of which house some super tall buildings they could take photos on. These are two brave lovebirds. Just scrolling through Nikolau’s Instagram feed has probably given several people near-heart attacks.

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