This Toddler Slowly Pulling An Australian Shepherd In A Wagon Is All Of Us

Dragana Stepicby:


The return to work on Monday has a way of hitting us hard. Say what you will about Garfield, but he knew the horror and struggles of the long repetitive haul of Mondays. He recognized the  routines that often weaken us under their pressure.

Sometimes the most comforting way to deal with our pain is to remember we’re not alon. After all, this is a collective pain and Monday is a terror that haunts everyone. Luckily for all of us struggling to shake off our weekend long hangovers, the internet has provided us with the perfect illustration of our struggle.

In this adorable video which is obviously a metaphor, Monday is a large Australian Shepherd sitting happily and patiently on a plastic wagon, and we are all struggling toddlers attempting to leverage our baby-weight so we can effectively pull the dog into the next room. Looking at how content and patient that dog is while the little girl takes pride in her slow haul inspires me to work harder and realize that soon enough Monday will leap out of the wagon, I’ll rest my arms, and it will be Tuesday.

Original by Bronwyn Isaac

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