Getting It on Online: 5 Tips That’ll Prove It’s Almost Better Than the Real Thing

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In most cases, long distance relationships suck. It’s not easy being close to the one you love. Yes, distance makes the heart grow fonder, but if you’re too far away, it can be damaging. Not to mention, not being able to touch them, kiss them, or f*ck them can put even more of a strain on your relationship. Thank God for technology. Between mobile devices, computers, and social media, there are way more ways to feel closer to the one you love.

Sex chats are nothing new. Since video apps like Skype were released, they’ve been giving couples a way to keep the fire lit in their relationship from miles away. If you haven’t tried sex chatting via video, what are you waiting for?! Here’s what to do:



1. Schedule a Date

The first step is to plan a day and time to have a one-on-one date with your long distance lover. You don’t have to schedule a date weeks in advance, but far out enough to make sure you both have time to set aside.



2. Look Good

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This isn’t just a normal Skype catch up with you and bae. Issa date. Don’t show up in sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on. Beat that face, let down that hair, and grab your sexiest lingerie.

Also, make sure you wax in all of the right places. You don’t want your man to get up, close, and personal with his screen, only to see your “spiders” creeping out. Feel your sexiest so you can be your sexiest.



3. Be Free

Think of it as a personal video booth and you’re the only one your man has his eyes on. Relax and let loose all your inhibitions.



4. Talk That Talk

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Since you’re not in the presence of each other, you have to paint the picture. Just like radio hosts have to describe something as if the listener can see it, you have to do the same. Describe what you’d do to him in great detail so that the picture can be vivid in his mind. Make moves and motions as if you’re actually doing what you’re describing. It will drive him and yourself wild!



5. Communicate

If you like what he’s doing, tell him. If he likes what you’re doing, make sure he lets you know. Be sure to communicate your feelings, things that turn you on, and things you don’t like. It’ll turn the both of you on and serve as a guide for the next time you guys virtually get it on.


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