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The news and articles are one of the main sources of information whether you are interested in politics, sport, health, or any another area. A well-written article has a power of ten TV reports. And whether you are a professional journalist or a hired freelance, there are some rules and principles you should follow when writing a news article.

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First of all, the article should be filled with relevant info yet simple and easy to comprehend. Unless writing for a specialized magazine that targets only the people working in that area (like strict medicine magazine, law publications, etc.), try to write in a way that anyone can understand what you are saying.
The headline is really important – it is a thing that attracts people to click on your link, and it should include few keywords that emphasize the power of your article and the information they might get from it. Still, don’t go overboard and turn your headline into a typical clickbait, no one likes that.

Let’s take a look at the form and principles that you should follow when writing a news article!


What Should A News Article Contain

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  1. As mentioned above headline is one of the most important parts in a news article. The power of the headline is the fact that you are folding information that your article will give in a few keywords. It is a make or break – if you figure out a nice headline your article is sure to become relevant pretty fast, while if it is too long, and not attractive it is not as likely. So invest extra time in the headline, and don’t underestimate the power of it.
  2. Again as with the headline, it is a part of your text that can make your reader continue reading or simply close the article. It is the starting paragraph and a section where you should give a few relevant facts to interest the reader in the rest of the story, but still not say everything before the main section comes. It shouldn’t be a summary either as that is what comes at the end – it should simply contain out of a few sentences that will give the reader a brief look in whats upcoming next.

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  3. Rest of the Story. This is the key to your article and the part where you express all the info that you found out. It can include few sub-headlines and paragraphs that will make it easier for the reader to scroll through the article and find relevant info. It should be written in a positive and an active language, rather than writing from a third-person perspective.

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    Don’t overwhelm your readers with the information – try to pack it in a few meaningful paragraphs and maybe give them a source where they can read more about certain facts. Try to answer the few five questions – who, what, how, where and why, and you should have a killer article!

  4. You should use the summary to successfully close out, making a point of the whole article in a few sentences. Be sure that the ending is on a positive note!
  5. Last, but not least if you have used some of the relevant sources throughout the article be sure to quote the same, so you stay away from copyright principle claims.

Few Tips On Writing The Best Article There Is

So, if you follow the form and include everything mentioned above you should have a great news article that will interest even the most demanding part of your audience. Still, there are a few more things we would like to emphasize when writing an article:

  • First, when gathering your info be sure to interview as many relevant sources check the verity of the situation you will be writing about. After that, combine your facts and make an outline that will work as a reminder of what should be included when you start writing the article.
  • Follow the same style throughout your whole article. If you are writing an objective, then don’t include any positive or negative statements on whatever the situation is. Keep it simple, and simply suggest the facts.
  • Also, it is important to follow the relevant AP style of citing and formatting. If your article is all over the place, no one will read it. 
  • Once you are done, give it to your editor and let him read the article a few times before publishing. He is there to point out on any style, grammar or vocabulary mistakes that you should improve, so make the best use out of him!


As you can see writing a good article is not and shouldn’t be a problem. You just need to follow certain principles, the form and invest yourself into it. An article that is done in a hurry and with a lack of focus can’t bring you success. Remember, as an article writer you are the one who informs the public on the ongoing trends and news so be sure to enjoy it and to do it in the best way possible!

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