Top 7 Best Classic Board Games for Kids

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If you are planning to gift your little one some different gift on this birthday or any other special occasions, then classic board games will be the right choice for you. You can take help of “Board Games Land” to identify the best set of classics in the market. We picked 7 such games which can be perfect for the kid’s group ranging from 3 to 10 years of age.

Robot Turtles Game:

If you have a dream to make your growing kid a good programmer in the future, then buy this Robot Turtles Game. This will be the perfect choice for your little programmers to learn while playing in free time.  It is one of the funniest ways to help the kid learn how to code! It silently teaches the preschoolers about the basic fundamentals of programming, starting from coding to functions, but with a touch of fun with silly noises of a turtle! Even before you realize what the positivity of this game is, you will find your little one writing creative computer games in place of just playing with it! This board game is designed to encourage the development of Programming Skills, Problem Solving ability, and Logic development. Perfect choice for kids of 4+ ages is Robot Turtles Game.

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Chinese Checker:

Well, this is one which you might have played when you were young and its hot favorite even today. This birthday gift your kid this amazing game of Chinese checker. You can call it a brain twister game. The more kids play it more they will make their brain work enhancing the IQ level. Kids above the age of 5+ love playing this checker-like game. Players need to move pieces from one end of the board to other before the opponent side player does.

Hoot Owl Hoot:

Hoot Owl Hoot is a popular award-winning game. You can call it a color-coded cooperative matching where players need to play for helping the owls in flying back to reach the nest before the sun rises. The players need to pick the sun card to get one step near to sunrise time. The kids need to target to help all owls reach home before time to win. It’s a fifty-card deck game which includes 36 color cards. Out of which six cards each are there in six colors along with 14 sun cards. The game turns out to be more challenging when more owls are added to the track. A perfect choice for children aged between 5 to 9 years.

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If you want to create a mystery play environment for your kid, then pick Clue. It’s a mystery game that needs a minimum three and maximum of six players to play. This one was designed by Birmingham’s Anthony E. Pratt and is full of fun. Here the players need to find the real killer. The killers are different for different murders, and the players need to discover it. In Clue board game one need to find out 3 major clues related to the murder: who is the murderer, where the crime took place, and which weapon was used for murder. Your junior detective at home will love playing the game with friends and parents. This game is perfect for kids above 9 years. Another board game that are very impressive is word with friends. You can create new words and earn maximum point. You can also get help from word with friends cheat board to get points.


Encourage kids to start early with an age-old classic strategy game.  It can make a career for him or her in the future as a chess player! Players need to make strategic movements using chess piece to put the opponent in the checkmate position. It’s Excellent for kids above 10 years.

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Candy Land:

This is a very old one and it is easy to play “racing board game“.  The game needs no reading and minimum counting skills, and that what turns it suitable for the kids aged 3 to 6 years.


This game is best for the budding capitalist. In it, players roll out two six-sided dice for making movement around the board. Players will be engaged in buying and trading of properties, and then developing the same into houses and hotels.

There are many more classic board games in the market, but the above 7 are undoubtedly chosen best for your kid’s entertainment.

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