Dudes, Learn How To Shave Your Balls Properly

Wendy Stokesby:


Gillette thinks some men need assistance with not drawing blood while they shave their groin area, so its crack animation team put together this instructional “How to Shave your Balls” YouTube cartoon. The video’s basically just an infomercial for the Gillette Fusion Power razor and shaving cream—but don’t forget to use, as the voiceover dude intones, some common sense, too.

Hey, anything that keeps our teeth from getting flossed when we go down for a beej is A-OK with us. But Gillette knows that to get men to spend money on shaving down there, it has to tell them what they want to hear: “You might say when there’s no underbrush, the tree looks taller.” (It makes the claim not once, but twice.) We’ll believe it when we see it…in the hair-free flesh.

While you enjoy this Gillette video, if one can enjoy it, have in mind that you also might want to explore pubic hair trimmers and see if those might better suit you and your precious jewels. It can be a lot more interesting when you guys decide to do something like this for us, I’m always thankful to my man when he decides to take a risk and do something like this.

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Original by Ami Angelowicz

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