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Petar Mikonossby:


Now, the fashion industry is one of the biggest ones out there and it is always changing. And though women seem to take care of following the trends, men don’t fall much behind. Lucky for us all, hundreds of different brands are coming up with new and fancy designs each and every year intended as men, women and unisex clothing. Out of all clothing pieces, the most important one certainly is underwear. You might ask well how so – it is not something that you see until the pants are off, and why would the underwear design matter?

If we are talking about men’s underwear it is quite important to go for the right products that are both comfortable and nice looking. And believe it or not, in the past few years certain celebrity stars have gone on to wear underwear that shows their bulge with an intent. You can check this article about men having a bulge on the show through their jogging bottoms, joggers, sweat pants and all due to tight underwear. On the other hand, as mentioned above buying a few good pieces of underwear is both healthy and convenient. But how to know a good brand and what to look for? Let’s go ahead and take a look.

Buying High-Quality Underwear

1. Now, when we are talking about menswear in general one of the most successful brands in the past few years has been the BOX brand. Producing sweatpants, joggers and even underwear, BOX has been sponsoring numerous celebrities and people all over the world started enjoying those products. And there is no doubt why – BOX Menswear Joggers along with a good piece of underwear go a long way and you will be comfortable throughout the whole day.

2. One of the most important things in buying high-quality underwear is to look at the material. We recommend going 100% cotton or anything that is made out of natural material. Polyester or any kind of synthetic material in underwear may lead to more sweating in the genital area and that certainly is not something that you want. Along with that, natural materials are much healthier and allow less heat which is all important given the sensitivity of the genital

3. Along with that, you should look for a piece of underwear that is comfortable – while you might want your bulge to be seen don’t risk your health for it. You can still get a good piece of underwear that will allow you to achieve that attractive look and leave enough space for your genital region to breathe.

Img source: boyz.co.uk

4. You need to decide if you will be going for boxers or briefs – this mostly depends on your personal preference and what kind of effect you are looking to achieve. While boxers might be more comfortable, briefs could look more attractive if you have something to show off. As of the color we still do think that black boxers and briefs are a classic choice – still white is becoming popular once again so it is up to you to make the final verdict (and let’s not forget the romantic red color as well)!


Buying a good piece of underwear shouldn’t be that hard and if you are looking to be comfortable while achieving the bulge look you can absolutely do that by combining good underwear with BOX Menswear Joggers. Remember you want your underwear to be natural, comfortable and of course attractive to yourself and the public!

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