What Are The Best Pictures To Get At A Wedding?

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After your wedding is over the best way to remember it is through pictures. Finding a good photographer is, then, pretty important, but so is being clear on what you want. Making a list of the moments that matter to you will ensure your wedding album is the keepsake you’re dreaming of.

There are numerous specific shots you may want to capture during your wedding—from, “I do” to the after party.

The Details

Once the hall is set up and before anyone has arrived, go through and take pictures of the venue. These pictures will come out beautifully and will help you to remember all the details.

img source: Tagvenue.com

The Dress

Make sure to get the details of the dress as well prior to the wedding starting. You never know what may spill on the dress, but at this moment, it’s beautiful and in perfect condition.

Everyone arriving

As friends and family arrive and enter the ceremony, be sure to capture their arrival.

Wedding party walking

The bride doesn’t get to see the wedding party walking down the aisle as she is busy getting ready to walk down herself. Make sure to get extra pictures of this moment so she can know exactly how beautiful everyone and everything looked.

Parents down the aisle

Your parents have been such a huge part of your life. Seeing them walking down the aisle is a proud moment for them and you. Make sure to have someone snap a photo.

Bride Walking Down the Aisle

One of the most important moments to capture is when the bride is walking down the aisle. It’s the first time everyone sees her!

Grooms’ Face

One of the best parts of a wedding is seeing the groom’s facial reaction the first time he sees his bride. It is so beautiful and priceless. Make sure this shot is taken quickly.

Shaking Hands

It’s a beautiful moment when the father of the bride and the soon to be husband shake hands after walking down the aisle.

Entire Ceremony

Make sure to get a wide shot of the entire ceremony, so you remember how everything looked together. You may even consider choosing a talented wedding videographer rather than a photographer to get a full, professional video of your wedding.


So much planning and detail went into the bouquets. Make sure you get pictures with the bride holding them as well as on their own.


Weddings show the documentation of becoming man and wife in their own way. If yours is signing papers in front of everyone, make sure to capture the moment.

img source: jovanniphotography.com

Exchange Rings

Exchanging of the rings is such a large part of the wedding. Make sure it is captured when both are placing the rings on each other.

img source: jeanettedyke.com


img source: isornot.net

The Kiss

The kiss is one of the biggest and most well-known parts of the wedding. Make sure it is captured!

Walking Back Down the Aisle

It’s official! Many shots can be taken when the couple is walking back down the aisle. Whether they are excited, smiling at each other, or merely walking, makes sure to grab the shot.

The Reception

Don’t forget to keep the shots coming during the after party—the pictures I mean. Often some of the funniest photos come from this portion of the wedding.

We hope this list helps you to capture all the great moments of your special day. It’s important to have this ready for your photographer or videographer, so they know exactly what you are looking for. If you have any surprises for your guests, make sure to include the videographer in on the details too so they can be ready to capture the memory.

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