What is Website Optimization?

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Optimizing the search engine (SEO) or simply optimizing the website involves changing the features of your website that would contribute to the trade and conversion of it. It’s all about improving your user experience so that more people will use your website more often.

Based on a number of different factors, search engines assess the readability and importance of your website before assigning a position or ranking on the results page of the search engine. The more relevant your website is to search engines, the higher the website ranks.

If you think about the fact that 60 percent of Internet users will not look beyond the first page of the search results, it is important to use the optimization to improve ranking of your site.

Search engine optimization services address a variety of factors, including selecting keywords, adding content, creating search engine-friendly designs, building links and solving any technical problems that might drive search engines away.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a digital marketing system that comprises of sub-activities connected to website content creation based on keywords that are targeted in advance in your search engine.

The vast majority of SEO companies in the United States and Europe focus on Google.

SEO is based on 3 major pillars which will allow you to increase your ranking:

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1. Website content

–  Your site’s content is what propels your ranking: it is what Google checks on your site in order to display results in its search engine.

Along with the design of your website, the most important thing is creating quality content and resources that will allow you to engage your visitors and sell or promote products on your site.

The content of your site can be presented in different forms such as written, visual, and video forms that will contain keywords you want to use to boost your rankings.

When your website’s content is shared, Google sees it as a positive sign, which means quality content is necessary.

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2. On-page optimization

–  In SEO, on-page optimization covers all the technical views needed to rank in Google.

Your tags must be consistent and must contain your targeted keywords; your site must load quickly; your site must be HTTP secure, and lastly, the look of your site needs to be consistent and organized.

3. Web hosts

– The online marketplace is ever-growing, hence more organizations want to see their website on top of the search page. Today, everything is about SEO, and if a site doesn’t rank well, it is expected not to get noticed at all.

Websites that operate smooth and fast are more likely to have a better search ranking, and this is only possible if it is hosted on a powerful server with a reliable hosting company. It is often questioned if a web host affects the SEO, and the answer is simple, IT DOES.

Here are some examples of how a bad web host can affect a website’s SEO and why is it important to choose a reliable host for your website.

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Server downtime

This is basically the simplest and first test of any web host. If your website suffers from web server downtime often, it is the first sign of a bad web host. Downtime doesn’t only affect a site’s overall performance, but it also brings down its SEO. To avoid downtime for your website, you should choose the best possible host for your website.

Page load time

The second test for a web host is the load time of a website. If a website is slow and takes time to load, it is counted as a lack at the web host’s end. It is known that if a website takes more than two seconds to load, visitors are more likely to switch to the next possible option and because of that, loading time of a website is very important.

On the opposite side, high load time will boost rates that affect the search engine ranking directly.

A website that is hosted on a bad host server is destined to become a failure. If your website is having problems with its performance, it is time to choose a better hosting option.

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  1. Avatar Bill Thomas says:

    Very valid points as from what I’ve read, proper SEO generates the largest percentage of traffic over the long run, and it’s of the organic nature. The thing that I would mention is if you are not versed or confident in your ability to properly format SEO for your site, I would look into hiring someone with the knowledge and experience to do it the right way, as this is something that you don’t want to mess up when putting your site together. Thanks for the informative article.

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