What time is it appropriate to bathe your baby?

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One of the most common questions by parents is at what times are appropriate to bathe their newborn?

Admit it, It’s one of the best moments of the day! Although one usually ends up soaked from head to toe by the time they are done. But what is the best time to bathe your baby?  It’s much more flexible than most people think

As babies grow, the way you take care of them changes. However, part of her routine includes bathing, shampooing, and neutral soaps so as not to damage her delicate skin. According to the experts of the famed Mayo Clinic, in the city of Rochester, the United States, the areas that require more attention are face, neck and the so-called “diaper area.”

Best time

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Every mother, whether first-time or with three children, knows that practicality is key to not getting exhausted. Therefore, you can allocate one hour according to your own convenience; as long as it does not interfere with your sleep or when babies are hungry.

Again, there are no hard times for what time in the morning is best so you should just use common sense here. Is your baby in the middle of a deep sleep at 8 AM? Then there’s no need to wake her up to bathe – let her sleep. Have you just fed here at 10 AM? Again, you probably shouldn’t immediately bathe her and allow sufficient time for her to digest her food.


Traditionally, parents spend the morning in the bathroom. The reason is that newborns – and until about 2 or 3 years old – can not regulate their body temperature. So, doing it when the day is warm is a way to make sure they’re comfortable. Afterward, it is important that you dry them well, and keep them warm; especially during these cold winter days.

Ditto for changing their diapers, be sure to dry them thoroughly. Besides, your little one will let you know if they’re wet.


Img source: smababy.co.ukAnother ideal time to bathe your baby can also be the end of the afternoon and even nighttime. An increasing number of working parents opt for this because it facilitates the night ritual. Experts recommend that the bathroom follow one of the meals, either bottle or breast.

Skin to skin contact is needed to transmit security to the little ones. Remember that it is an ideal time to strengthen your bond with your little one as well!

In addition to the foam, the water in the tub should be warm, not hot – between 35º to 38º. You can test the temperature with one of your elbows.

In summary, as long as you keep the above general tips in mind, there’s no hard and fast rule about when you should bathe your little guy. There’s no precise manual on how to be a parent! What’s most important is that you do bathe him and that you continually strengthen the bond between you and your child through daily love, care, and affection!

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