What would be Diana’s relationship to Kate and Meghan?

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Kate and Meghan seem very stylish and lavishing. The always have spectacular clothes and are always seen in important events. It is inappropriate to comment on their looks, but they are gorgeous, too. They are very engaged in public affairs and can be seen in public very often. The situation was not anything different with Diana who was called People’s Princess.

However, the three of them did not have the opportunity to sit down and meet, but, they would surely have a lot to talk about.


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Even though she was the member of the royal family, she has been always favorite princess among the people and the masses loved her. The reason for this is her effort to make every person important and because she used to fight for good causes.

Kate and Meghan


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We need to admit that these two do not share the same views of the royal roles and the way of royal lives. First of all, Kate is the one who is always for adhering to rules and traditions of the crown not just in terms of behaving, but also in terms of how she dresses and what jewelry she wears. Her posture is also very traditional and without showing affection. Meghan is quite the opposite to this. She wears whatever she likes and does not follow protocols on this. Also, she always shows affection toward Harry even when they are in public.

Rule breaker

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We need to remember that Diana also did not like rules and that she had the tendency to break them. She was not guided by the rules but by the notion of what is right to be done and what should be done. The first thing she did is enrolling her sons at a public school instead at a private one. She always had time for charity activities and these are just some of the things that the fans loved about her.

Meghan and Diana

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We should be fair and note that Diana and Meghan have a lot in common. First of all, they both do not like to follow the rules and procedures to the letter and like to do the right thing regardless of the tradition. This does not mean that Diana and Kate would not be close. Quit the contrary, they are both known to be involved in charity a lot.

It is widely known that Princess Diana has been loved by the people and that she was a very positive person. She was so positive and optimistic that she saw goodness in everyone and in everything. And there is not any doubt that Diana would do everything she can in order to help both Kate and Meghan to get accustomed to the royal lives but to remain who they are.

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